Nang Prai Mae Niyom Deva 'Ongk Kroo' - Hoeng Prai Powders, 3 Takrut in Prai Oil + Bone + Holy Wood - Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasit

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Mae Niyom Prai Deva Invoked from the spirit of a Hoeng Prai to dwell within, and a Takian Tree Deva to Rule Over the Wicha. The Mae Niyom Deva is Invoked within the form of Lady opening the curtains of her bedroom, inviting in.

The Powders are made from Ajarn Wirataeps finest Necromantic Maha Sanaeh Powders whose coarse rich concentrated mixture is visible to the naked eye. Three Takrut for Maha Sanaeh, Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Lap are inserted, with invocations of the Heart Mantras of the Mae Takian Tree Deva, and Mae Niyom Hoeng Prai Ghost, whose bone is inserted into the Muan Sarn on the rear face of the amulet.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

A piece of Sacred Takian tree wood from the tree that has devoted its Deva to perform the duty of Ruling Deva of this Wicha is also inserted to embody the amulet with the consciousness and watchful gaze of the Deva Mind of Nang Prai Mae Takian.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Be it for Love, Commerce, Lottery of Speculative Risk Enterprises, Convincing Oratory tasks, defence cases or general Mercy Charm, the Mae Niyom amulet is a powerful Wicha that oozes Metta Mahaniyom, attracting friends, cuystomers, lovers, and offers of all kinds. Wealth, Love, Luck and Success is the formula of this Necromantic Spell from Master Sorceror Ajarn Wiratep Yan Kroo Prasit

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Size; 5 Cm x 4 Cm including casing

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The amulet is soaked in Nam Man Prai Phii Dtaay Hoeng

Bucha Method;

When making offerings, give make-up, perfume, lipstick, fruits and spicy food, water, sweet drinks, incense and flowers.

The Method of Bucha used for Prai Amulets and Kumarn Tong, is similar to that used for most other Prai Spirit Devas and amulets, be it Mae Hong Prai, Hun Payont, Kumarn Dood Rok, Look Krok, Mae Takian, Mae Prai of all kinds, Mae Tong Soi, Prai Faed or similar. For this reason, and for a higher increased understanding of how to worship the Kumarn and Prai type amulets and Bucha images, we recommend that you real all of the info contained in the below links. Correct understanding of how to Bucha is the real reason for success with your amulet, and incorrect or lazy Bucha, is also a reason why some people feel that their amulet is not working.

How to Pray to Mae Nang Prai, Hoeng Prai, Hun Payont, & Mae Takian amulets

It is important to Bucha properly, and correct performance of the Bucha method will bring success with almost all amulets. For this reason we recommend that you read all of the below info pages (see links below), in order to inform yourself of the various methods of Bucha, and increase your Adepthood when performing Ritual Offerings

Kata Bucha Mae Niyom

Aehi Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma Puttang Nam Maa Seung Ngern Tammang Nam Maa Seung Tong Sangkang Nam Maa Seung Sing Khong Maa Ma Maa Maa Mae Niyom Mae Takian

(then focus your wish and hold it steady in your mind for a moment, and ask the Mae Niyom, and Mae Takian Ruling Deva to help you get your wish).

Nang Prai - Phii Prai Thai Ghosts and Spirit Devas

Kata for Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh Amulets, Charms and Oil

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