Nine Tails Fox Prai Deva Jumbo Locket with Yant Ha Taew, 18 Gemstones 6 Takrut + Prai Oil Flask - Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasi 2555 BE

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Ajarn Wirataep, the Master of Spirit Communication, whose Convincing Incantations and Jhanic Empowerments are renowned for their authenticity, and his ability to speak with, and convince the Spirits and Devas to collaborate with the empowerment of his amulets and to reside within them as a Ruling Deva.

The Nine Tails Fox is empowered using his Necromantic Prai Wicha which he has taken further and contained the Wicha within his power, to the point of becoming a true Master Adept.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

This Locket is one of a series of Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Lockets stuffed dull of the most powerful sorcerous earths herbal pollens, Holy woods, and Necromantic Prai Powders. The addition of Semi precious Gemstones as 'Ploi Sek' (Enchanted with Incantations), is not only Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but is in fact the insertion of the Wicha Maha Pokasap, and Elemental Powers too.

Nine Tails Fox Locket with Prai Oil Thailand Amulets

Please read the information on the below link to deepen your understanding and knowledge of how to use this amulet;

Who is the Nine Tails Fox? How to Worship her?

The front face features an Elegant Demoness Enchantress with Nine Fox Tails, the Yant Ha Taew (famous for Angelina Jolie's Sak Yant Tattoo) is emblazoned to the side of the Demoness, with five blue Gemstones either end of the five lines of Khmer Agkhara laettering. Two red Gemstones are omserted in the front face around the Enchantress,for Inciting Passion in the Heart, and Attract Great Pokasap Treasures. Nine Tails Fox Locket with Prai Oil

Size; 5 Centimeters High x 3.5 Centimeters Wide

The different colored gems emit different Elemental powers which influyence in different ways, blue being Maha Sanaeh Metta, and Red Being for Maha Pokasap, Black being for Kong Grapan, Anti Ill Health and Anti Black magic.. different colors have multiple meanings. All Ploi sek however are Maha Pokasap (great treasure attraction).

Thai Buddhist Amulets

6 Takrut Spells for Maha Sanaeh, maha Lap and Maha Pokasap are inserted into the rear face, along with four more smaller Gemstones, two large Gemstones, and a bottle of Prai Oil are inserted, for immense Maha Sanaeh Metta Mahaniyom and Kaa Khaay power to attract, charm, sell and profit in all situations.

Nine Tails Fox Locket with Prai Oils Takrut and Gemstones and Yant Ha Taew

Kata Bucha Taep Jing Jork Gao Hang

U-Aaa-Aa Na Maedtaa Sangkang Imasming Dtaemaasang Ubpae Mad Tudti Dta Dti Ubpae Mad

Kata MP3 Sound Tutorials for the Kata Chants for this amulet are included in the files tab download section of your customer account after you purchase the amulet. you can download the following files after purchase;

  1. Kata Jing Jork Gao Haang (MP3 Sound Tutorial for Proper Pronunciation)
  2. Phonetic Text transliteration for reading and Chanting (text file)

If you are Buddhist, always Perform the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times before any other Chanting to Amulets;

We recommend using the Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang as a prelude to asking for wishes to be fufilled.

List of Kata Chants - Metta Maha Niyom/Maha Sanaeh

The Taep Jing Jork Gao Hang is a Prai Deva, and should be offered the similar kind of offerings to the other Nang Prai Devas

Bucha Offerings

Light one stick of Incense, and chant the following Kata

Jijeruni Jidtang Jaedtasigang iibpang Nimidtang – Taep Jing Jork Gao Hang – Aakajchaahi Aehi Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa

Kata for giving food and offerings

Yanginji Jidtang Itawaa Arungwaa Pochanangwaa Punchandti Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa

You can be flexible with what you offer, depending on what is convenientfor that Prai Deva, or what you feel your Deities will like to receive.

Light incense when making offerings – chant the Kata often.
Some people also like to offer Whiskey and Fresh boiled pork on Banana Leaf or Pandan leaf.

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