Noo Kin Nom Maew Suea Kin Nom Wua (Mouse drinks Cat's Milk - Tiger drinks Cows Milk) - Nuea Pong Sanaeh Kroo - Sang Hor Chan 2555 BE Edition - Kroo Ba Lerd Wat Tung Man Dtai

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The Noo Kin Nom Maew Suea Kin Nom Wua is a double Metta Mahaniyom Wicha that takes the Powerful and Centuries Old Lanna Sorcery of the Mouse Drinking Milk from the Cat's Teat Spell, which induces Metta and Dissolves Enmity in even the most incompatible Circumstances.

In addition to the Wicha Noo Kin Nom maew (mouse drinking cat's milk) , the rear face is empowered with a second Animist spell of the Tiger drinking milk from the Cow's teat 'Suea Kin Nom Wua'. Kroo Ba Lerd is Famous for his Noo Kin Nom Maew Wicha, which is said to have helped many people to increase and maintain their income and sustenance with the Metta Power of the Wicha of Kroo Ba Lerd.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

This is a Metta Mahyaniyom/Maha Sanaeh Charm of the finest variety of Auspicious Amulet, which carries no karmic rebounds or paybacks, and is thus perfect for Long Term Use, withouot the Magic wearing out over time as happens with a lot of Dark Sorcery type Amulets, when the karma build up can no longer be avoided. Black Magic will only Delay Karma but can not Truly Stop It, for which we Love the Auspicious Buddhist amulets that do not Posess any Bad Luck Blockers which eventually fall, rather, Transform the Causes of Bad Luck into causes of Good Luck, a much more permanent and lasting solution in our opinion.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

The amulets were made using eight bars of hard pressed concentrated sacred 'Pong Kroo Raeng' Master Sorceror Powders. The Wicha is bound with a Spell that takes the most Incompatible Mindsets as the Mouse and the Cat, the Tiger and the Buffalo, who are Natural Enemies, Hunter and Prey. Kroo Ba Lerd has used a Wicha which he has Mastered that turns hate into Love, Enemies into Friends, and Anger into Compassion. The Wicha Binds them with the 'Hnun Metta Maha Ramjuan' a Dizzying Enchantment to Induce a Love so strong that the Enchanted will not even care for their own life or wellbeing, just as in the case of if a Buffalo would fearlessly allow a Tiger to partake of its Milk.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

The Sacred 'Pong Sanaeh Kroo' powders are further empowered with an inoffensive looking but powerful magic Spell called the Nguan Rak Nguan Hlong (a piece of red cord visible on rear face). This binds Lovers together forever or until the Day they Die. The Sacred Muan sarn Powders have a Yellowish Tint to them, due to the High Concentration of Pong Kroo Raeng Sacred Powder, which Kroo ba Lerd insisted be as Richly Concentrated as possible.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Wearing the Buffalo/Cow and Tiger to the front represents 'Rak Hmod Jai Mai Aalay Cheewidt' (Love with all the heart, and not afraid to die for it).

Wearing the Mouse and Cat side to the front represents 'Rak Bpag Jidt Hlong Bpag Jai' (Fall Hopelessly in Love and be for Ever - True Love Binding).

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets The bottom of the amulet has an authenticity stamp.

A Special Ongk Kroo Luxury Model was made in Green Powders, so colored due to a large amount of 'Pong Metta Sudtr' was added . This lends a Green Tint to the Amulets. The green colored Ongk Kroo Masterpiece versions also have one Takrut 'Na Riak Nang' (Lady-Caller Spell), which is a very powerful Maha Sanaeh spell equivalent to the Na Nang Ok Dtaek which is so commonly popular in the eastern Thai traditions.The Northern Lanna tradition has the Na Riak Nang as one of the alternative Wicha, which serve however the same or similar purposes, and are similar in power.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Comes with original box from the Temple - Can be Encased if Desired.

Kata Noo Kin Nom Maew
Sugidt Dtimaa Supaa Jaaro Susiilawaa Subpaagadto Yassa Simaa Wajae Dtiro Gaesaro Waa Asappidto
สุกิตติมา สุภาจาโล สุสีละวา สุปาคะโต ยัสสะ สิมาวะเจธีโร เกสะโรวา อะสัพิโต

The following Sound Files are available for download after purchase from the files tab within your customer account; Kata Bucha Noo Kin Nom Maew (MP3 Tutorial for Pronunciation)

The amulets were blessed on two occasions, once on the 6th May 2555 BE and then again on the 26th June 2555 BE in the Hor Drai (Tripitaka Room) of the Temple of Wat Tung Man Dtai.

For Bucha, Use Buddhist Prayers to Increase Power, with any or all of the below Kata

All Kata for Amulets should begin with chanting of the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times first, before beginning any other Incantations.

Maha Namasakara - How to Chant Namo Tassa

Psalm to the triple Gem    Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang 

Pratītyasamutpāda – Chant of Dependent Origination  

Chinabanchara Kata (Chinabanchorn) of Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri (Wat Rakang Kositaram)

Kata Pra Putta Jao Haa Pra Ongk (Na Mo Put Taa Ya)

Kroo Ba Lerd and the Temple of Wat Tung Man Dtai have released this special Ancient Lanna Sorcery style 2555 BE edition. The Edition was made to raise funds to complete the Construction of a 'Hor Chan' (Monks Dining Area) at the Temple.

Above; The 'Hor Chan' (Food Hall), for the Monks to eat. During Construction.


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