Paetch Daej Wised Sri Nuea Loha Aathan Ud See Pheung Khiaw LP Tarb - Luang Por Pin Wat Klong Hway Khoeng

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Paetch Daej Wised Sri Prai Ghost Amulet for Metta and Wealth, from Luang Por Pin of Wat Klong Hway Khoeng (Rayong).
The base of the amulet, is stuffed with see pheung wax from Luang Por Tarb of Wat Grabok Kheun Pheung - strong Metta and attraction magic for good business and to attract the other sex. Each amulet has a code number stamped into it for this limited edition.

The Paetch Daej is a rare kind of Prai Deva who is said to invoke immense Metta Maha Niyom Mercy Charm, and which also fends off Black Magick and Evil Mara Demons, and Curses. His pitiful thin and hungry appearance invokes compassion in the hearts of those who approach, as his spirit influences them to show mercy and generosity towards you, and feel sorry for you easily.

The statuette is made from Nuea Loha Aathan Sorcerous Alchemical Alloy, made from smelting ancient Artifacts and Sacred Muan Sarn, with the insertion of the Akarn 32 Spell and the Invocations of the 4 Elements to Reanimate the Spirit of the Hoeng Prai Ghosts invoked by Luang Por Pin, who then made an accordance with them to inhabit the amulets and dwell within to assist their owners into a life of wealth and happiness, with all that one asks for and dreams of. In exchange, these Prai Devas get to be reborn in a higher realm in their next existence.

The See Pheung Khiaw Giaw Sau of Luang Por Tarb, is famously powerful for its power of attraction (Maha Sanaeh). Luang Por Tarb was an ancient Gaej Ajarn Master Monk of Rayong, and a Kroo Ba Ajarn mentor of Luang Por Pin, who continues his linage magic as an apprentice of the olden days master LP Tarb, who was an accomplice of the Great Luang Phu Tim of Wat Laharn Rai, so famous for his Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn amulets, of which Luang Por Pin also possesses the Wicha, being a Rayong Province Master, like his predecessors LP Tim and Luang Por Tarb.

No real Bucha efforts are really necessary with this amulet, as it will perform its work with or without Bucha, due to the fact that the spirit wishes to ascend to higher realms, and does not need asking for assistance, unless ypou are asking for something specific, but to make offerings will bring you more merits and happiness, and develop a positive Karma and Supportive Collaboration between yourself and the Spirit of the Paetch Daej Deva. One stick of incense some flowers, and a small glass of liquor, with some spicy food or fish makes for a worthy offering for this Deva if you wish to make offerings to beseech wishes, and of course, when one has success, to say thank you for helping..

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