Palad Khik Nang Kruan Ying Pok Ying Raeng (weapon to attract the opposite sex, or same sex) - Luang Por Goy - Wat Khao Din Dtai, Buriram

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The Sacred Muan Sarn powders (Pong Aathan/Pong Wised) and elements used in the creation of this Palad Khik attraction charm are many;

Pong Ma Sep Nang, Pong Aathan Rak Chang Pasom Khlong, Pong Ga Fak Marum, Pong Ga Fak Rak Dtaay Prai, Pong Ga Fak Mayom, Pong Ga Fak Rak, Pong Taep ranjuan, Pong Gesonr Wan Dork Mai Tong, Pong Wan Joong Nang, Pong Wan Khun Phaen, Pong Mai Ga Hlong Dtaay Prai Ka Dton, Pong Wan Roi Nang, Pong Kruea Khao Hlong, Pong Dork Mai Tong Dua Phu, Pong Dork Mai Tong Dtua Mia, Pong Wan Nang Kwak, Pong Sariga, Pong Bpaeng Maha Sanaeh.

Palad Khik Nang Kruan

All of these rare and powerful magical ingredients were then mixed and ground together to be molded into the form of these Palad Khik Phallic amulets.

These Palad Khik are Unisex and can be used by men or women, against either the same or opposite sex. Useful for both Heterosexual and Gay partnerships.

Palad Khik Nang Kruan

Luang Por Goy gave the amulets a three month long nightly Dtraimas empowerment chanting the 'Montr Maha Sanaeh 108' (108 Mantras of charm and enchantment) for social and sexual attraction, and the Montr Mahaniyom Choke Lap Ka Khaay 108 for good luck in discussions and business sales. After he had done this, he then soaked the Palad Khik in Nam Man Montra Maha Sanaeh (sacred empowered charm and metta oil). Then he inserted a Tagrud with a 'Nok Garawek Lin Tong' (Sariga Lin Tong - golden tongued charming bird). Finally, he inscribed a spell with the Na Maha Sethee yant in sacred Khom Agkhara lettering on the outer surface of the Palad Khik. The design of the Palad Khik features Nang Kruan Maiden straddling the Phallic Shiva Lingam.

Kata Phalad Khok Nang Kruan

Su Na Dtu Mae Jae Sa Ga Wil La Ga Na Mae Dti

('Mae' and 'Jae' pronounce like 'May' as in 'the Month of May')

Remember that all Kata for amulets must be preceded by chanting 'Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa first.

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