Paya Gai Fa Maha Lap - First Edition - 'Dtua Kroo' Nuea Sadta Loha - 2 Takrut 1 Rice Grain Sacred powder Base - Luang Phu Chao - Wat Huay Lam Yai 2555 BE

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'Dtua Kroo' (Ongk Kroo is changed to 'Dtua Kroo' for non Buddha or Humanoid Deity Image) masterpiece version of four different models in Two different types of Sacred Metals, with differing Sacred Elements Inserted into the sacred Powders of their Bases. This is the Top Model in Nuea Sadta Loha (7 Metals) with Khaw Plueak (Sacred Rice Grain) and 2 Silver Takrut, and is bound with Sacred Sinjana Cords around the neck.

Size; 3.8 Cm High x 2 Cm Wide (facing sideways)

Read about the full documentation of all amulets in this edition 'Luang Phu Chao First Edition Amulets Wat Huay Lam Yai 2555 BE'

The most attractive thing about this series of amulets from Luang Phu Chao, is the fact that each single amulet in the whole edition has passed through the hands of Luang Phu, without exception, to recieve his Individual Blessings. This edition was empowered in the traditional Ancient Way of the Gaeji Ajarn Masters of Old, by Empowering each Single Amulet Individually as well as all together. Luang Phu Chao uses this Method as this is the way he believes in to make powerful amulets.

It just feels, and IS more powerful when the Sorceror performs Individual Empowerment, in stead of Mass Empowerment. Individual Empowerment has and always will have the Edge over Mass Empowerment in our opinion. The amulet is cast using an immensely sacred Muan Sarn with a high quantity of gold and silver to enhance its beautiful sheen.

The Funds recieved from these amulets go to the Restoration and Improvement of the Monks Facilities at the Temple of Wat Huay Lam Yai in Nakorn Sawan.

The Paya Gai fa Maha Lap is a Pokasap and Maha Lap type riches and treasures accumulator that is constantly on the hunt to peck up any available resources as you make your way through the day. This Gai fa is a Regal Cockerel and Leader of his Kind, and Endowed with a necklace of Sinjana Cords. because of his High Status, the Gai fa Maha lap also acts as 'Serm Ypd Baramee' (increase your Status and Power).

For those in the business of selling to the Public or Sealing Contracts, the Paya Gai Fa is an adequate and suitable amulet for Bucha, to increase earnings and chances of promotion.

Offer the Gai Fa water to drink, and a handful of unhusked rice or grains. Do not forget to do this once you set your rule of regular offerings.

Those in Banking and Speculative Investment Risk Professions or Investment Advisory Professions are typically perfectly aligned for the Paya Gai Fa Maha Lap to assist in making Business Goings on flow smoothly without Hiccups and reel in a constant profit without any losses to worry about.

This Ongk Kroo Version is in Sadta Loha See Rung (7 Sacred Metals, Rainbow Colored), which is an Alchemical smelting of Seven Special Metals which were all of a Kayasiddhi Nature (Lek Lai or Natural Spirit Elements), It is extremely difficult to make this Alchemical Metal, because one must fuse the Sacred Minerals and Crystal elements with the Sacred Metals as one substance, to attain the Alchemical result necessary for the Powerful Sadta Loha Metal to be Alchemically Empowered.

Sacred Powders and Kayasiddhi Crystals are inserted into the base which has a grain of rice and a double silver Takrut Ngern Koo for Maha Lap and Metta mahaniyom, with the heart mantra of the Heavenly Cockerel embedded within

The Ongk Kroo with his Sinjana Cord scarf, is the Leader of all the other Cockerels, and posesses a higher power of Command and Superiority than the other Models of this Amulet, if only because of the extra Empowerment Blessing and Metta Inducing Power of the Sinjana Cord Necklace.

Comes with Original Box from the Temple - Can be encased in waterproof casing if wished.

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