Paya Gai Gaew Sap Dtung (Crystal Cockerel calling wealth) - Kroo Ba In Gaew - Wat Don Moon - Nuea Chanuan Gao Ud Pong

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Crystal Cockerel for Luck, warning of dangers, and wish making.

Funds raised from this amulet went to pay for the installment of a water tank on top of the Doi (mountain) at Wat Don Moon (project completed).

The Paya Gai Gaew (Crystal Cockerel) magic of Luang Phu In Gaew is not a common form to be found in Thai Amulets, for he uses the Wicha according to the Dtamra of Ajarn Song, and the Dtamra Iwadee of Burma (Myanmar).

He learned the Agkhara lettering for the spell from Ajarn Song and compared it with the Dtamra Irawadee, and saw they were similar, so he created the Paya Gai Gaew from these two Wicha together.

This method, or 'Wicha' entails using a chicken that has died naturally inside the egg. The chicken is burned until it becomes carbonized and powder is made which is Pong Prai that has a lot of 'Hian' power (very forceful magic - the most powerful form of charm is that known as 'Hian'. Hian is a word which comes from the Wicha Prai, and means a spirit that is very forceful because of a premature death fdor example.. it means very powerful when used in context with the Wicha of Thai Saiyasart. The powder is then empowered by chanting spells until the sound of a hooting Cockerel can be heard in the Kata, and then the powder is powerful.

The amulet also has muan sarn taken from rice given by an old pregnant woman which is then empowered and given to the Cockerel to eat. Then the powders are mixed and stuffed into the base of the Cockerel amulet. The chanting of further empowerment was then repeated according to the Dtamra for 9 mornings and 7 evenings.

The Kata Hua Jai Gai Gaew is made as an incantation during this time. This is what you have to chant before asking blessings or help from the Gai Gaew, whilst offering food to it;

Om Om Buggo Garo Gaggo Gago Sagasarahang

If you hear a Cockerel calling on any day, then you will have good luck. If there is danger ahead, the Cockerel will warn you with some way or another.

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Kata Paya Gai Gaew (Jao Sap Dtung)

Om Matidtang Ahang Logae

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