Paya Gumpir Sethee Bunyarit Nuea Maha Chanuan Phiw Fai 2561 BE Pra Ajarn Dtao Only 399 Made

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Paya Gumpir Sethee Bunyarit Sorcerous Crocodile, in limited edition Nuea Maha Chanuan Phiw Rung Khad Ngao, Sacred Artifact Mettalurgical Alloy with flamed rainbow surface effec. for Power, Status, Prosperity, Promotion and Protection, from Pra Ajarn Dtao of the Samnak Songk Wang Mai Bua Sila, in Sra Gaew. Only 399 amulets made in Nuea Tong Daeng in this extreme limited edition.

This edition was released in various sacred metals, including Nuea Tong Rakang Brass (2,999 Made), Tong Daeng Thuean Flamed Wild Copper (999 Made), Tong Daeng Maha Dtecho Fire Kasina Treated Flamed Copper (699 Made), Nuea Tong Khaw Phiw Fai Khad Ngao Rainbow Flamed Silver with Polished surface (399 Made), Nuea Ngern Boran Khad Ya Dam Ancient Silver with Black Matt Powder Polish Surface (Only 199 Made), Nuea Maha Chanuan Phiw Fai Khad Ngao (399 Made), and Nuea Tong Kam Solid Gold (Only 9 Made). This exhibit in Nuea Tong Daeng Thuean, has the code stamp WSL stamped on the side, and series number with Code NA lasered onto the belly.

Free registered Air parcel Shipping Worldwide is Included. Empowered with with immense Maha Pokasap Maha Lap Powers, of Cornucopia Magic to bring endless supplies of resources. The Jorakhae is of course a type of Mara (Underworld being), and thus protects against other Maras during the time it serves you / The Jorakhae Akom usually Represents the Paya Gumpir Chalawan Giant Crocodile, who ate his fill and grew to giant size, and was a highly feared Deified beast of Thai Folk Tales and Literary Fable. They are a very rare kind of animist charm to find made, for so few masters possess the Wicha.

This makes them very special because of their rarity and exclusivity, and of this particular Niche of the Thai amulet scene. Apart from this, we should look at the magical properties all the magic spell used in this very ancient animist Charm. It has been a form of Animist sorcery that has survived, since the advent of Hinduism and Buddhism came to Southeast Asia from the Indian continent.

Below; The code stamps วศล (WSL for 'Wang Mai Sila') cane be seen stamped into the side of the Jorakhae crocodile amulet

The crocodile is said to possess not only immensely powerful wealth attraction abilities, but is also an accumulator of treasured possessions. Its protective powers are legendary for Kong Grapan Chadtri Invincibility and Klaew Klaad Evasive Luck. The Jorakhae is a very powerful protection against Black Arts and Dark Magic, and keeps all forms of Occult Sorcery at bay, as well as nullifying already cast spells which have been made upon you.

A most recommended Lucky Charm for wealth and Protection against physical and magical enemies and dangerous situations. Lends Maha Amnaj Commanding Power and Intimidation to the wearer, and Impresses those in entourage.

Kata Bucha Jorakhae

Om Sakkae Gaa Jaramae Puttaa Chaadto Apiwaanang Goo Ja Glaaw Berk Mahaa Berk Berk Payaa Taaw Ram Pai

Maha Payaa Jorakhae Siddhi Jaara Khanang Bampen Piarn Yoo Nai Tham Mikhard Sin

Khiaw Bpen Paetch Gaay Bpen Hlek Gret Bpen Nin

Goo Ja Anchern Kun Taaw Ram Pai Tang Hlaay Sin

Om Pluk Mahaa Pluk Goo Ja Pluk Payaa Taaw Ram Pai

Payaa Jorakhae Phuu Roo Rueang Rit Haeng Kum Nam Tang Noi Yai

Idti Sugadtō Namano Maaraesō Sōmaaya Puttaa Bprasit Jong Maa Bprasit

Raksaa Dtae Dtua Goo Kum Krong Gaay Tua Saarapang Gaay Taaw Ram Pai Hai Goo Kong Paetch Gaew Mahaa Kong Paetch Cha Kong Puttang Jaarakhanangdtarō Dtō Rang Kong Kang

Sō Bpi Dti I - Tammang Jaarakhanangdtarō Dtō Rang Kong Kang - Sō Bpi Dti I

Sangkang Jaarakhanangdtarō Dtō Rang Kong Kang - Sō Bpi Dti I

Kong Tang Nang Kong Tang Yern Kong Tang Hlab Kong Tang Dtern

Kong Tang Glaang Wan Kong Tang Glaang Keun Saarapat Tee Ja Kong Kong Swaaha.

The above spell was inherited from an Old Lay Master of the Northern regions. It is not only Maha Lap but is a very powerful Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Spell for Protection and Invincibility.

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