Paya Nak Giaw Loi Ongk - Nuea Tong Daeng Thuean fang Ploi Sek Sacred Copper Alloy with Gemstone Insert Run Traimas 2554 BE Luang Por Goey Chutima - Samnak Wat Pha Daeng

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The Nak Giaw features two Naga Serpents entwined, representing Love and Living together as Partners. The Nak Giaw has two major functions, one to sign seal and deliver a Love Affair or Bind a Relationship, emanating Metta Mahaniyom, to increase Popularity and Improve Business Earnings too. The Second function, is to protect and watch over you shielding against Black magic, and offering escape from close shave events. Made in the 'Traimas 2554 BE' edition of amulets released after Three Months of Empowerments during the Rains Retreats. Luang Por Goey gave the amulets nightly Empowerments and Incantations

Made from Sacred Copper Alloys, with on 'Ploi Sek' (gemstone with Incantations).

Magical Properties ; Maha Sanaeh, Gae Aathan, Klaew Klaad.

Kata Bucha Paya Nak (Prayer for the Nagas)

The amulet is suitable for both Ladies or Men. It has a ring on it for attachment as a pendant. It can however also be encased in Waterproof Casing. The amulet serves to Increase the Security of a Love Affair or Induce a Love Affair, Protection and Wealth.

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