Paya Tao Ruean 'Run Plod Nee' - (Turtle for long life and riches with Bia Gae inserted) - Luang Por Bun Gerd Bandito - Wat Khao Din (Chainat)

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Paya Tao Ruean 'Run Plod Nee' - Turtle for long life and riches with Bia Gae, Prort Hmod Nee, and Graduk Tao Dtaay Prai (turtle bones) inserted - Luang Por ฺBun Gerd Bandito - Wat Khao Derm (Chainat). Limited edition of 599 amulets made.

Tao Ruean Turtle amulet

Luang Por Bun Gerd is a Looksit of Luang Phu Sukh of Wat Pak Klong Makam Tao, andof the Lineage of Luang Por Opasi of Asrom Bang Mod and Luang Por Gop of Khao Sariga. Paya Tao Ruean (also called 'Pra Kassapo'), is one of the previous incarnations of the Buddha as he was born as a Bodhisattva in various forms (one of five). Luang Por Gerd made these Turtle amulets as a 'Prisana Dhamma' that contains the various Puttaklun qualities of the five various Buddhas of the different tmes of Planet Earth, who all had differing qualities and abilities.

Making Bucha to this amulet actually gives double results because it is actually two amulets fused into one. The Tao Ruean amulets were created in two versions;

turtle amulet

One was made from Nuea Samrit Boran, (ancient bronbze) with a Bia Gae inserted into the back of the turtle which has a 'Prort Hmod Nee' (mercury for removing poverty and acquiring riches) inside it. The amulet was made years before and has received empowerments repeatedly from Luang Por BUn Gerd over many years, and he inserted bones of a 'Tao Dtaay Prai' (Prai Turtles - meaning a Turtle that died on its own accord). If you shake the amulet you can hear the charged mercury rattling inside the amulet. There are Sacred Khmer Agkhara spells written around the Turtle using the Wicha of Luang Phu Sukh (Wat Pak Klong Makam Tao). Designed to be carried on ones person on a belt cord, a key ring or otherwise, or even arund the neck if wished.

The other Turtle amulet was made as a neck pendant.Made from Nuea Samrit Ngao, with a locket of Luang Por Gerd inserted into the back of the Turtle. This Turtlle was empowered with Choke Lap power. in these amulets he also inserted bones of a 'Tao Dtaay Prai', three pellets of Pratat Sadej relics, some blessed sai sinjana cords and some of his Civara robe, and a Tagrud Sethee for riches in each amulet. He then empowered both types of amulets with the Pra Kata Tao Ruean Mantra. The amulet is good for business making and lucky ventures.

Turtle amulets have of course the additional quality of generating long life/. All acheivements will come steadily, if perhaps not rapidly but surely and secure growth will be certain.

599 examples of each amulet were made.

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