Paya Wan Jakkajan Taep Rae Rai - Sacred Cordyceps Cicada - Inscriptions by Ajarn Plien + Blessings by Luang Por Prohm + the Khao Or Masters at Wat Ban Suan

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The Paya Wan Jakkajan, otherwise known as the 'Taep Rae Rai' (Deva of the Farm Fields), is a sacred cordyceps cicada, which is transformed into a symbiosis of an insect and a plant.

It is Ancient Belief in Thailand, that the one who possesses the Taep Rae Rai Paya Wan Jakajan, will be able to attract wealth and possessions with incredible ease, have great Luck Increase, and attract promotion in the Professional and Social status. A perfect Cashflow is constantly available.

Fame and Fortune comes easily, friends flock to the owner of the Paya Wan Jakkajan. The Wan Jakajan is even known by science to have healing properties, which is also part of its magical effect on the person who carries it, to help maintain health.

sacred cicada

Bosses dont complain or punish so much, those who were unfriendly become firendly and helpful, and those who already greeted shyly, become very friendly and kind companions.

Paya Wan Jakkajan Taep Rae Rai

Inscribed and Empowered firstly by the great still living Lay Master of Khao Or Sorcery; Ajarn Plien, at Wat Ban Suan. Ajarn Plien is the current Master Adept of the Khao Or Lay Sorcerors and the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or.

cicada talisman in the hand

The amulets were then empowered again in the Uposadha shrine room and the Khao Or Cave, with LP Prohm and other Guru Masters of the Southern Academy of Sorcery to perform blessings and empowerment.

Ajarn Pleng

Kata Taep Rae Rai Wan Jakajan (Chant 3 Times)

Chaanang Dtigkhadti Chaanang Dtigkhadti

Dtikkatammang Adtagang

Mala Chaadtrii Potiyaa Sadtang Tammang

Mano Tammang Suwabpo Dtago Ayang Raachaa

Wanna Wannaa Mahab-Palaa

Saarigaanang Ragkhandtu Mahosadt-tho

Suwabpodtago Bpiyang Ma Ma

Niam Mi-A-Khao Maa

Charadtang Omma Guu Ja Saadtaa I-See

Gor Laeg Yor Yerm

Na Mo Dtassa Pia Wia Aehi Ma Ma

Puttang Ragkhajidtang Aehi Ragkhajidtang

Tammang Ragkhajidtang Aehi Ragkhajidtang

Sangkang Ragkhajidtang Aehi Ragkhajidtang


Sound Tutorial for Kata Paya Wan Jakkajan by Ajarn Spencer Littlewood, is included for download and immediately available in the 'files' tab of your account after successful purchase of this item.

LP Prohm empowers amulets with the Khao Or Masters

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