Pha Yant Bamrer Kamakun Gao - Nine Kama Sutra Postures Tantric Spell made from bedcloths of a famous brothel - Pra Ajarn Taep (Taep Into)

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The Pha Yant Gamakun Gao is a 'Wicha Saay Lang Yord Kama Lokee' - meaning a Dark Arts Sorcery of the Worldly Pleasure Realms. It is powerfully imbued with the Kama Sutra Magic of the Wicha Bpatamang Lokee and the Wicha Gamakun, using the most powerful Khmer Incantations and spells of Maha Saaeh and 'Gaamakun' (sexual desire). This item comes with free shipping.

The cloth came from the bedsheets of a famous brothel that had hordes of saqtisfied customers and also was a wealthy successful business, in order to empower these Yantra cloths with both Maha Sanaeh for Kama Sutra and with Maha Lap for gambling and Wealthy Business successes.

no shipping costs are added with this item even if added to other orders amounting to the 350 gram limit for free orders. Kata Pronunciation Tutorial for Pha Yant Bamrer Gamakun Gao is included as an mp4 sound tutorial download after purchase from the files tab within your account.

Pha Yant for tantra magic

Each cloth was hand inscribed and empowered with the calling up of each Prai In Koo Deva pair to imbue the cloths with all nine Kama Sutra spells.

Thailand Amulets

The cloths are small at 5 x 3 inches and can be easily concealed on one's person.

Thailand Amulets

You should wear or carrry the Pha Yant in a low place such as the jeans trouser pocket, your wallet or purse, or even inside your underwear. You should call the power of seductive attraction with the following kata when about to call its magic into use;

Om Leungk Duay Om Leungk Mad Rad Hee Yoo Duay Leungk

Chant 3 times before approaching and going into action

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