Pha Yant Bua Bang Bai - Lotus Leaf Fairy with Paetch Payatorn Himapant Animal Only 500 Made - Jantr Phaen 2558 BE Edition - Ajarn Meng Khun Phaen

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Pha Yant Bua Bang Bai Lotus Leaf Fairy with Paetch Payatorn Himapant Animal 10 x 8 Inches - 'Jantr Phaen' 2558 BE Edition - Blessed during a full moon of Astrologically Auspicious Magic for Maha Sanaeh. The Pha Yant features the Bua Bang Bai Lotus Leaf Fairy Nymph Deva, and a Paetch Payatorn Phallic Himapant Animal Deva hidden within the Foliage of the Lotus Leaves within the painting.

Ajarn Meng Khun Phaen special edition limited series release Yantra Cloths. Only 500 Pha Yant made in this first edition, with Agkhara Maha Sanaeh Lokiya Wiicha from the hand of Ajarn Meng. The Pha Yant is for those who wish to have success in Business Sales, as well as those who wish to enchant and make their husbands/wives fall more deeply in love with them. Popular with Ladies of the Night, Male and Female Escorts, and the Gay Community.

Only 500 of the first edition Pha Yant Bua Bang Bai were made

Size; 10 x 8 Inches - Only 500 of the first edition Pha Yant Bua Bang Bai were made, and were distributed during the Special Ceremony for the tattooing of Pralaks Hnaa Tong after receiving blessings and empowerment under full moon during specially selected astrological occasion.

A Paetch Payatorn Himapant Animal Deva is cleverly hidden within the foliage of the Bua Bang Bai Lotus Leaves, and can be distinguished with its Phallic head facing towards the Bua Bang Bai Nymph. The Yant Na Ok Dtaek Heartbreaker Spell is also Inscribed to empower the Cloth with this Ancient Khmer Enchantment, to increase the Hypnotic Effect.

Bua Bang Bai is an Ancient Animist Wicha, which has been practiced by many Masters over the ages, but which first became Internationally heard of through the famous Pha Yant Bua Bang Bai of Luang Por Sawai. Its magical Maha Sanaeh and Kaa Khaay effect has become known to be its greatest power, to attract and convince those who approach, or indeed who you approach, to become enchanted, and buy your story.

The Pha Yant Bang Bua Bai deity enfolded in lotus leaves (bai bua means ‘lotus leaf’). Enchantment spells are inscribed around the rim of the cloth in ancient Tai Yai Burmese-Lanna Region Agkhara lettering. The wicha for making and invoking Bua Bang Bai is a Master Wicha of great rarity, which is passed down from Kroo Ba Ajarn to Apprentice since generations.

The wicha is a wicha that was used by the great Lay Master Ajarn Pleng Bun Yern (A very famous Wicha Maha Sanaeh laymaster of the previous generation), and which Ajarn Pleng always said to have been one of the most effective Maha Sanaeh charms of all. If using as a Maha Sanaeh charm, write the name of the person to be charmed on a ‘Bai Rak’ leaf (A Lotus leaf or Petal also can be used), and then stroke it against the surface of the Bua Bang Bai cloth. The person will be easily charmed and pleased.

Kata Bucha Bua Bang Bai

O Dtinno So Taaya Wad-Dta Madt-Dta Ga Ma Ya

Su Su Na Na Raa Cha Dtang Waa Bpup-Phang Waa Kandang Waa Raa Cha Gu Maa Rii Waa

Raa Cha Gu Maa Ro Waa Id-Thii Yo Waa Taa Ni Yo Waa Aehi Aehi Ka Wa Gam Sae Dti Bpi Su Su Na Na Ima Sa Ming Aa Raa Mae Kae Hae Taewadaa Sukhidtaa Ho Dtu

Kata Bua Bang Bai Intajidt Dtangmaani (chant 9 times)

If using for increasing business sales, place the Bua Bang Bai in a glass of pure water. Then put some of the water on the palm of your hand, and use the rest of the water to spray on your wares.

Ajarn Meng is one of Thailand's leading, Most Famous and Long standing Masters, whose Trajectory reaches back to touch the Previous generation of some of the Greatest Masters of all time, and whose Wicha has been inherited from some of the Greatest of the previous generation of Masters of Maha Sanaeh Magic. Ajarn Meng's amulets are revered and highly sought after by devotees all around the world.

This is now an extremely rare item to still find around, for indeed Ajarn Meng's amulets almost always sell out within even just a few months of release. We are proud to be able to provide this amulet as one of the choice options in our store, for it is both powerful, collectible and a classic miniature Buddhist Art creation that is a valuable acquisition for any connoisseur of Pra Khun Phaen amulets with good taste, who knows a powerful amulet when he sees one.

Those who know Ajarn Meng's amulets already will need no convincing of the power of his amulets. We feel that this Khun Phaen reveals its charm and beauty to you on its own merits, without us having to say much in its favor.

Ajarn Meng's amulets are revered and highly sought after by devotees all around the world. He is a devotee of Luang Por Guay Chudtintaro of Wat Kositaram and a faithful servant of Buddhism.

Above Pic; Amulets of Ajarn Meng donated for the temple of Wat Kositaram to distribute and keep the funds for their needs. Not only does Ajarn Meng donate money to temples, he also donates his famously popular amulets for the devotees.

Below Pic; Ajarn Meng donates amulet editions to the Wat Hua Den Temple.

Above; Ajarn Meng donates money to the temple of Wat Po Pak Hai in Ayuttaya

Above; Ajarn Meng donates funds (about 5000$) to Wat Pradoo Song Dhamma Temple in Ayuttaya

The Paetch Payatorn Deity is also known as ‘Taep Pragaes’, ‘Khun Phaen Taewada’ and ‘Taep Suryan’. This Deity is one of the most Powerful Magical agents of wealth and prosperity, and is gaining ever incresing numbers of Devotees due to the immensely successful results brought from practicing Worshiping this Powerful Deity of Love, Compassion and Generosity, which induces friendliness, love and admiration in those who approach. Considered a great tool for good business, lottery success, social and amorous adventures.

We believe the Paetch Payatorn Wicha to be the very best forms of Metta Mahaniyom Maha Sanaeh Magic available in the moment, for so many success stories and satisfied users of this amulet have sent feedback about their increased wealth, Business and Social Life. Because of these reports, it has become extremely obvious that the worship of this Deity when used in conjunction with powerful amulets or images of the Deity made with the correct Wicha from a true Master brings true results.

Kata Paetch Payatorn

Om Sivaling Naam Waa Pra Paetch Payatorn Kuay Ngaam Bpen Neung Grapong Ngaam Bpen Sorng Dtua Ngaam Bpen Saam Kwaam Ngaam Bpen See Kwaam Dee Bpen Haa Tan Jong Sadaeng Rittaa Nai Daan sanaeh Maedttamahaniyom Chay Hen Chay Hlon Hying Hen Rak Krai Sanaehaa Eeg Tang Choke Laap mang Mee Aehi Ma Maa Khamaa Mihang

Alternative Version

Siri Pokaa Namaa Sayo Pawandtumae Nachaa Li Dti

Kata Paetch Payatorn (from Luang Por Glom)

Sasaemi Waaridtang Wayamandtarang Bpiya Idthii Hadthayang Jidt-Dtang Warudt-Dti

(Chant 3 Times)

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