Pha Yant Jao Por Phu Yee Gor Hong God of Entrepreneurs + Gamblers (Red) 20 x 13 Inches - Kroo Ba Subin Sumetaso 2553 BE

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Pha Yant Por Phu Yee Gor Hong - God of Entrepreneurship and Gambling. Por Phu Yee Gor Hong (er Ger Fong) is the Patron Deity and Lucky mascot of Professional and Amateur Gamblers and High Aiming Business Persons. He lived a hard working life and used his abilities to work his way up from nothing to become an example of Society and a Powerful Mogul of many different businesses, including the lottery business.

Thai-Chinese Yee Gor Hong Gambling Deity for Lucky streaks and riches from Kroo Ba Subin Sumetaso, of the Samnak Songk Ban Raan Dtad Pom. This is a tried and tested Wicha, which gained much popularity in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan with the Gambling community. The Yant cloth is emblazoned with the Api Maha Yant Sethee Pan Yang (Millionaire Yantra of a Thousand Businesses).

Pha Yant Por Phu Yee Gor Hong (Er Ger Fong) Kroo Ba Subin

Made by the then still Ordained as Buddhist Monk 'Kroo Ba Subin Sumetaso', of Samnak Songk Ban Ran Dtat Pom, in Ta Sae, Chumporn, in 2553 BE. This Master is now disrobed and practiticing as a Brahman 'Prahm Ruesi' ('White Ajarn').

Kroo Ba Subin has gained much popularity with his powerful Lanna Wicha and is strong in Wicha Luck, Fortune and Popularity charms. Since he is now a Lay Master, these editions from his time as an Ordained Monk, have become ever rarer and highly sought after from his devotees, who know that these early editions will become the rarest of all

Kroo Ba Subin Sumetaso (Now 'Ajarn Subin'), is a Master with Wicha Metta Maha Sanaeh of the Lanna Lineage. He is the carrier of the Wicha Serm Sirimonkgol Gao Jut (nine pointed blessing), which he recieved from Kroo Ba Duang Tittawaro of Wat Witraymul. Kroo Ba Subin also possesses the Wicha of Sado Kro from Kroo Ba In Gaew of Wat Walugaram.

Yee Gor Hong Yantra Cloth (Er Ger Fong) KB Subin 2553 BE

Yee Gor Hong Images are Empowered and Intended for those who love to play the Lottery and casino Games, and Speculative Risk Professions, such as Financial Investment Advisors and Stock Market Traders. Por Phu yee Gor Hong is the Iconic Figure of Worship of Thai and Thai Chinese people who love to Gamble.

Por Phu Yee Gor Hong (Er Ger Fong)

Above; Por Phu Yee Gor Hong (Er Ger Fong)

Bucha Method

Light Nine sticks (9) of Incense, flower garlands (Puang Maalay made from yellow chrysanthemums), Black Coffee (no Sugar) or ‘O Yua’ (a kind of dark hot drink, also called ‘O Liang’), and tea.
You can give offerings every day if you wish to, or once a week if this is not feasible.If you find yourself receiving winning streaks and success in your undertakings, you must give alms to the bowls of Buddhist Monks and offer to share the fruits of those merits with Por Phu Yee Gor Hong and results should improve even more than before.

Jao Por Phu Yee Gor Hong God of Wealth

If and when you go Gambling, once you have gained a decent winning, do not become too greedy and try to get more than is really normal to wish for. Do not become over greedy, as Yee Gor Hong does not Like Greedy people, and will make you Lose what you won again. Always share some of the winnings to make merit for Por Phu Yee Gor Hong.

Sacred Na surround Yee Gor Hong for Maha Pokasap and Maha Lap

Kata Bucha Por Phu Yee Gor Hong

Namo Mae Taewaanang Toobpa Teebpa Ja Bubphang Saggaara Wantaanang U Yae A Yae Ta Nang Su Ga Ri Thaa Mi
“Oh Great Meritorious Por Phu Yee Gor Hong – please bestow Great Luck and Fortune upon me, and give me your Blessings of Riches and Success”.

Kata Bucha Por Phu Yee Gor Hong Version 2
Odtabpawaena Kaayaka Bpen Dtuki Ong Phuu Saasa Uyae Ayae
(Chant Nine Times)

Kata Bucha Por Phu Yee Gor Hong (version 3)
Na Mor Dtai Sir Dtai Bpuy Liang Miang Jeng Sae Yee Gor Hong
Chai Sing Yee Gor Hong Por Sak Sir Uwa Gim Ngerng Sai Bpor
Bpor Jang Chai Kho Sir Gao Uwa Gae Lai Gao Uwa Gae Lai
Erg Jidt Khor Wing Worn Namo Mahaa Maedtaa Garunaa
Choke Laap Wasanaa Baramee Por Phu Yee Gor Hong
(Make Your wish for riches and luck).

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