Pha Yant Jarn Mer - Freehand Inscribed Yantra on White Linen - Luang Por Supoj - Wat Sri Song Tam 2554 BE

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These individually hand inscribed Yantra Cloths, are indeed an extremely rare thing to see in the Modern Era, and is hence an Opportunity to possess a Sacred Yantra cloth that is truly hand inscribed from the hand of the Guru.

Each cloth is individual due to hand inscription. Each Pha Yant has received its individual empowerment during inscription, as well as full Buddha Abhiseka Blessing Ceremony during the release of that year's edition of amulets from the temple of Wat Sri Song Tam.

The Pha Yant can be carried in the purse/handbag for a woman, or can be kept in the top pocket. For a man, the top pocket, or the wallet (only if kept in a pocket above the waist).

Hand Iinscribed Sacred yantra Cloth

This Sacred Geometry Spell features the Yant Dto, Yant Pu, and a Sacred Na Spell based on the Agkhara 'U' which refers to the Buddha-Dhamma. The Buddha-Dhamma has yet to be defeated in its Debate and Reason.

Pha Yant

It remains undefeated to date, and is hence the Reason with which the winner of Discussions, should Debate their Arguments.

The spell brings Metta Mahaniyom Great Preference and Mercy Charm to win your Pleas, Petitions, and Arguments. Use the Yantra to Protect, and to Guard your Back. To encourage success and Prosperity, and to bring Lucky Fortunes, Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness into your Life. To evade all Dangers, and Prospere with Ease.

He who practices the Sila of the Buddhist Practice (5 Precepts), wil greatly Benefit from this individually hand made Sacred Yantra blessed by Luang Por Supoj, of Wat Sri Song Tam.

This item can also be used by framing it on the wall of your altar area or personal shrine, and praying to it performing Buddhist Prayers (Such as Morning or Evening Prayers), Dedication of Merits, and the like, and praying to the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha and the Power of the Yant Na Maha Mongkol


Luang Por Supot - Wat Sri Song Tam

Ordained since 1964 - Luang Por Supot, of Wat Sri Song Tam is a Gaeji Ajarn of the Modern Era who is recieving a massive following of Devotees who revere his amulets. His amulets are becoming very prized and treasured. His choice of remaining Faithful to the Classic Amulets of Thai Buddhist Tradition and work in preserving the Buddha Sasana is worthy of Respect and reverence, and the Power of his Amulets is becoming ever more apparent, as word spreads about the successful experiences of the Looksit.

Luang Por Supoj was born in 2488 BE, and wes Ordained into the Sangha in 2508 BE at Wat Prode Gaes, where he also learned Wicha and Buddha Dhamma with his Upachaya, Luang Por Chaem. He also learned more Magickal Wicha with Luang Phu In Taewada of Wat Bang Gabua, and the Great Luang Phu Rod of Wat Nong Grating.

Use the Maha Namasakara (Namo Dtassa) and the Kata Aaraatanaa Pra Krueang to perform Bucha and Beseech Blessings, and then use any of the additional Kata necessary for your needs after that.

Maha Namasakara

Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa

Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa

Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa

Kata Aaraatanaa Pra Krueang

Kata Jai Awn (Heart Softener Kata for Mercy)

Bpanjamang Sirasang Khaadtang Na Ot Jai Na Gaaro Hodti Sampawo Dtiiwaana Na Gaarang Bpanja Sampawang

Use this when needing to Plead with your Debtors, or other similar situations where you need Mercy.

Kata Jao Nai Metta (Mercy from your Boss)

Bpanjamang Sirasankhaadtang Naahaaya Na Gaaro Hodti Sampawo Iswaasu

You can chant this into face powder or perfume and use it before meeting with your Employer or Superiors, to make then feel favorably towards You.

Kata Metta Mahaniyom

Na Maedtaa Mo Garunaa Put Bpranii Taa Yin dee Ya Aen Duu Sappa Sittimang Biyang Ma Ma

Chant into your perfume, face powders and apply to your skin. Chant and blow into Yantra cloths or amulets.

Kata Samak Ngaan (Applying for getting a Job Spell)

Puttassaahang Niyaataemi Sariran Chiwidtan Jidtang

Namo Midtaa Manussaa Ja Na Maedtaa Mo Garunaa

Kata Jerajaa (Discussion and Conference Enchantment)

Na Mo Puttaaya Ma A U Yataa Put Mo Na U A A Iswaasu Sappatassa A Sang Wi Su Lo Bu Sa Pu Pa

Use before going into discussion, conference or interviews, court cases etc.

Kata Kaa Khaay Dee (Good Sales)

Om Idtiputtatsa Suwannang Waarach-Chakang Waamanii Waawadt-Dtang Waa Pappayanla Aehi Kaakachwandti

Use to chant and blow over your wares, or chant into prayer water and sprinkle on your wares in the store.

Kata for Merchants and Sales Persons

Puttang Pahuu Chanaanang Aehi Jidtang Aehi Manussaanang Aehi Laapang Aehi Maedtaa Chompuu Tiibpae Manussaanang Idthiiyo Bpuriso Jidtang Pantang Aehi

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