Pha Yant Jing Jork Gao Hang - Nine Tailed Fox Prai Demoness Enchantress Yantra Cloth - Ajarn Khwan Chai Intra Paet

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Pha Yant Jing Jork Gao Hang - Nine Tailed Fox Prai Demoness Enchantress Deva sourrounded with Sacred Geometry and Khmer Sorcery Spells in Khom Agkhara lettering, from Recluse Laymaster Ajarn Khwan Chai Intra Paet.

(Blessed cloth of the 9 Tailed Fox Demon Enchantress) 18in.x12in. Ajarn Khwan Chai Intra Paet Ajarn Kwan Chai Intra Paet is a southern lineage Khmer sorcery master who specializes in Maha Sanaeh, Metta Mahaniyom and Kon Rak Kon Long, ‘Nang’ female deity sorcery such as the ‘Jing Jork Gao Hang’ 9 Tailed Fox Demon Enchantress and ‘Bang Bua Bai’ Lotus Leaf Mother deity. This particular ‘Pha Yant’ holy cloth depicts the Demon Enchantress with her 9 tailed fox familiar animal (who are really one I the same). Sacred Khom Angkhara lettering,

Nang Jing Jork Gao Hang Nine Tailed Fox Prai Deva

‘Na’ yant and Kata Akom surround them and they are hand drawn and inscribed in auspicious red ink indicative of ‘Maha Sanaeh’ empowerment. Ajarn Khwan Chai Intra Paet painstakingly collected white sheets charged with sexual energy from various massage parlors and brothels to ensure that not only the spells and imagery inscribed are a powerful charm, but the medium on which it is invoked be conducive to their dwelling, drawing the same type of energy from the cloth as is expectedly bestowed.

The Nine Tailed Fox is a Legendary Demon, known in Indian, Koran, Chinese, Thai and Japanese Spiritual Cosmology, legend and Myths. The nine-tailed fox (Chinese and Japanese: 九尾狐; pinyin: Jiǔwěihú; Korean: 구미호) is a mythological creature species that was depicted in the Nanshan jing, Haiwaidong jing and Dahuangdong jing of Shan Hai Jing as having the voice of a human infant. Humans can eat it, and those who eat it can be protected from evil. Later in history books like Book of Zhou and story collections like Extensive Records of the Taiping Era, the nine-tailed fox was depicted as a beast of fortune. Sent by the heavens, the nine-tailed fox was seen as a sign of fortune, peace and luck. In the Han dynasty, it is the protector of royal blood.

Nang Jing Jork Gao Hang Nine Tailed Fox Prai Deva Ajarn Khwan Chai Intra Paet

However, it can also represent an omen of revolution when the emperor is not good. It is said that the Nine Tailed Jing Jork was born from a Demon who had practiced Austerities for so many Centuries, and who would grow a Tail every one hundred years, until the Demon would attain nine tails, which would then bestow immense Magical Powers upon the Demon. The Nine Tailed Fox is able to enter and possess others, and is able to change its shape and form, a Master of Illusion. Its ability to attract the other sex and seduce them into the bed has gained legendary status in all Cultures where stories of its existence have arisen.

Nang Jing Jork Gao Hang Nine Tailed Fox Prai Deva

Ajarn Khwan Chai is a Reclusive Laymaster, who received his Wicha from the Great Ajarn Hnun Arj Noi. Ajarn Chiang and Ajarn Phu Sorn (amongst many others). He received Khmer Wicha from Luang Phu Swoi, a Kampuchean Guru Master Monk, who is an Adept of the Wicha Montr Jao Ngo Pha Riak Nuea Pla Lae Kon, and the Montr Khun Phaen Chom Talad. His Mastery of many Wicha under the Tutelage of a host of over ten Great Masters has allowed him to successfully create this powerful 9 Tailed Fox Demon Enchantress Pha Yant of great attraction and fascination, loving kindness, popularity and call to lovers.

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