Pha Yant Luang Por Phern Nang Suea (Riding on a Tiger) 42 x 42 Cm - Wat Bang Pra + Luang Pi Pant - Wai Kroo 2556 Edition

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Pha Yant Luang Por Phern Nang Suea (Riding on a Tiger)  - Large size Sacred Yantra Cloth blessed in Master Day at Wat Bang Pra, and also pased on later to Luang Pi Pant at Wat Ko Poon (which is where we recieved these Pha Yant, from the hand of Luang Pi himself). The Yant cloth is a Wai Kroo 2556 BE Edition release, and measures 42 x 42 Cm square.

The Sacred Geometry spells within the Pha Yant contain a Host of Yant, including Yant Paed Tidt (8 directional Yantra), Yant Gao Yord (Yant Kroo - Nine Peaks of Mount Meru with Cockerel Kata), and the Heart mantra of the Suea Kroeng Tiger Yantra (Gurusugu). Funds from this item will be used to help pay for the LP Phern on Tiger lifesize statue at Wat Ko Poon.

Yant Gao Yord

Above; Yant Gao Yord

Yant Paed Tidt

Above; Yant Paed Tidt

Kata Yant Paed Tidt

I Ra Chaa Ka Dta Ra Saa

Dti Hang Ja Dto Ro Thi Nang

Bpi sam Ra Lo Bu Sadt Pu

So Maa Na Ga Ri Thaa To

Pa Sam Sam Wi Sa Tae Pa

Ka Pu Ban Tuu Tam Wa Ka

Waa To No A Ma Ma Waa

A Wich Su Nuch Saa Nu Dti

Above; Yant Ha Jai Suea (Heart Mantra of Tiger 'Gu Ru Su Gu')

Kata Hua Jai Suea;

Gu Ru Su Gu

Ru Su Gu Gu

Su Gu Gu Ru

Gu Gu Ru Su

This Pha Yant is special not only for Bucha to Luang por Phern, but also carries a triple blessing with it, namely that it was blessed first at the Temple of Luang Por Phern (Wat Bang Pra), and then Blessed by Luang Pi Pant, the top level early first lineage apprentice to Luang Por Phern, and the true Lineage Continuation master who preserves the style and Dtamra (formula) of Wicha Sak Yant of Luang Por Phern.

pha yant

Thirdly, the proceeds from these Yantra will go to the fund to build the life size replica of Luang Por Phern sitting on a tiger, from Brazen Metals, and install it at the temple of Wat Koh Poon in Singhburi, which is the residence of Luang Pi Pant's Samnak Sak Yant.

One recieves then triple auspicious blessings from two temples along with the merit of assisting to build the statue of Luang Por Phern for donation to the Temple of Luang Pi Pant, which is fitting for the fact that it is a lineage continuation temple representing the Wicha Sak Yant of Luang Por Phern, and where Luang Por's prime apprentice, Luang Pi Pant, resides himself.

Luang Por Phern

The image of Luang Por is emblazoned on the center of the Yantra Cloth, sitting on a Tiger. Around him are a whole array of Sacred Yant, taken from the Dtamra Sak Yant of Luang Por Phern.

Yant lp Phern

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