Pha Yant Yaks Koo Bpraab Marn Anti Black Magic Spell - Luang Phu Ngoen Sorayo Solo Empowerment at Wat Sapan 2535 BE

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Pha Yant Yaks Koo (Pair of Yaksa) Bpraab Marn (Subduing Demons) - Sacred Yantra Cloth for Anti Black Magic protection. Released by Luang Phu Ngoen Sorayo, a Great Master Gaeji Ajarn of Chainat province. Luang Phu Ngoen performed a special and now famously legendary Solo Empowerment at Wat Sapan, way back in the day, at the temple of Wat Sapan, in Chainat 2535 B.E.

Pha Yant Yaks

Luang Phu Ngoen and his amulets are extremely revered by his devotees, who are a cult following, for this Great Master of the Chainat region.

This particular Pha Yant is a very powerful piece of Thai Buddhist Sacred geometry using the Sorcerous Power of the Yaksa who are devotees of the Buddha Sasana (Buddhism). The Aatanaatiya Paritta is an ancient Incantation reputedly given by the four Asura Kings to the Lord Buddha.

yantra cloth anti black magic

Use the Atanatiya Paritta (Kata Taw Waes Siwan) to empower and call upon the Yaksa to protect you and drive away demons.

The Pha Yant features an image of Luang Phu Ngoen, above a pedestal of two Yaksa Guardians, wiht crystal clubs. A host of protective Yantra spells fill the surrounding area.

Size; 13 x 13 Inches

The below video has phonetically spelled Pronunciation Tutorial using Roman Letters (English).

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