Pha Yant with Luang Por Mee handprints - Wat Mara Wichai (Ayuttaya) 2538 B.E.

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LP Mee is a Gaeji Ajarn from Ayuttaya whgo has recieved maical wicha from two of historys greatest Ajarn; Luang Por Parn (wat bang nom kho) and LP Jong (wat na tang nork). This has caused L Mees amulets to be posess very strong magic which has led to a number of stories of success and positive experiences with wearers of his amulets and those who rever his Pha Yant and Lockets.Most tales of miracles tel of Kong Hrapan invincibility and great Metta mahaniyom charm and popularity powers emanating from the amulets, for which LP Mee is famous for having special abilities for.

Made around 2538 BE, the Pha Yant is 10 x 13 Inches. Suitable for the home place of worship on the wall, or in a table stand frame on the altar, or even carried on ones person. Suitable for both male and female devotees.

Locket Singh Bon Yuea (lion catching its prey) 2538 BE Luang Por Mee, Wat Mara Wichai

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