Phii Noi (Jiang Shi) Little Chinese Bouncing Boy-Ghost Kumarn with Pokasap Powers - Ajarn Apichai Decha

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Chinese people know the Jiang Shia also as 'Xiao Bao', a bouncing baby ghost, who is a lucky Mascot for Great Wealth, as well as a Mission Fulfiller for Dealing with Problems and Enemies.

Dependiing on how it has been bound and commanded, will influence how much good or damage the Phii Noi can do, but in this case, the Master Apichai has convinced the Phii Noi to willingly assist in performing Metta Mahaniyom, Kaa Khaay (Commerce) and Maha Sanaeh Feats of Magic.

Phii Noi

The Statue measures 1.5 inches wide × 3 inches high.

This is performed using the immense psychic powers known to be attributed to Hoeng Prai type Ghosts, who die before their time, and have a Psychic ability that is said to be 'Hian' (Very easily tend to show its powers off, more than Kumarn Taep, whose powers are stronger but are much less likely to be shown except when really needed, or the Kumarn sees a chance to make merits).

Chin Aathan and Prai Oil paste inserted into the base of the statue

A piece of Chin Aathan and Prai Oil paste are inserted into the base of the statue

Once more Ajarn Apichai has whosn both his Necromantic Prowess, as well as Psychic ability to call such a rare type of Prai Ghost under his command.

One should follow the usual instructions for Prai Devas when bringing this particular kind of necromantic effigy into the house, and perform the necessary preparatory rites.

Offerings should not include intoxicants, which would send the irresponsible side of the young ghost into frenzy and out of control. Sweets and candies and red sweet drinks are preferred, coconut milk, milk and honey, and sweetmeats. One stick is used for prayer.

Ajarn Apichai, although now extremely popular, and having to produce more amulets than ever before, remains Humble and true to his frugal way of Life, and likes to use the Motto; "If i don't have any powers, no benefits will arise from the amulets, but if i do, then you will notice a difference yourself - the knowledge and proof of Magic comes as 'Bajjatang' (self intuited, self initiated, and known only be oneself from within, not by faith in the words of others)".

By this, he means of course, that you should not simply believe, but should notice for yourself if you get any imnproved results from using his amulets. In truth, one should notice definite results with amulets, if not, either they have no power, or, you are not performing properly with the amulet. Or even both reasons, as even a fake amulet can cause a Miracle if the Faith of the Devotee is strong enough in the image, but improper Bucha or attitude towards amulets is always a cause of no power, be the amulet a real, or a fake.

Buddha Images for example, are not always Blessed, as in some countries the Buddhists do not perform Ritual Magic to Empower Images, simply, worship them for their symbolic traits, and attain Miraculous experiences despite the fact of the Image not being empowered. The word 'Fake' is this not used to refer to 'Non-Blessed' Items, rather, to refer to Images that are deliberately made to imitate rare and expensive famous editions of Masterpiece Amulets. No Buddha Image can be fake, but can be a reproduction image, which is still because of the Nature of the Image, sacred.

Ajarn Apichai lays down the rule though, that if you do not believe in the Lineage of the Kroo ba Ajarn of Phu Rasi Paetcharat, at least you should never disdain or speak badly of the Lineage, for this would bring great misfortune. He also gives this teaching to all those who Bucha his amulets.

"If there are no Maras, our Merits cannot become Manifest, for our Merits to be revealed, we need the Maras to come and test us (our patience, tolerance, metta..). Real magic, that was made properly must be noticeably real from the results which arise, and will be seen by the Seeker, for His or Her self. Truth is a personal experience, which can only be known through your own mind and experience".

"This will be the method of measurement of the power of my amulets, and the outcome of your resistance to temptations of the Maras, will be part of the cause of that power, which comes not only from the past and the Lineage of the Kroo Ba Ajarn, but also continues into the present through the streamflow of Lineage magic, which is transmitted, empowered to and emanated through you, the devotee. How well you practice, will affect how well your amulets are able to provide Miraculous Assistance".

Lottery and Gambling exploits should benefit greatly from the aura of this amulet, which seduces the ruling ghosts of the Gamblers' Dens, convincing them to throw chance in your direction.

Method for bringing the Phii Noi Kumarn into the Home;

Light ten incense sticks, keeping nine in one hand, and using the other single incense stick to offer to and inform Pra Chai Mongkol (the local house spirit), and the local elementals and spirit devas that watch over the houses, fields, rivers farms and barns, shops and establishments. Tell them that the Kumarn is coming to be a member of the Household to stay, and that they should not prevent the Kumarn fomr leaving and/or entering the household. Then choose your name to call the Kumarn and use it to call it into the Home with you.

To call the Kumarn to come and help you when needed, use the following Kata to chant when calling;

Kata Riak Kumarn (call Kumarn to do your Bidding)

Chant to the Triple Gem first; Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa’ (3 times), then Chant the following Kata One time;

Jiddti Jid-Dtang Jidt Khong Kumarn Tong Bpiyang Ma Ma (then say whatever it is you wish the Kumarn to do). As you ask for the wish to be fulfilled, make it clear in your heart that you intend to repay the Kumarn with some toys or sweets if success is achieved in its Mission.

You can give any kind of sweets or savouries to this Kumarn Tong, such as bananas, boiled eggs, sweet drinks (red Thai syrup drink is the best, but nor essential), sweets. If your timetable does not allow regular Bucha in this manner, you can call the Kumarn Tong to come and eat with you at mealtimes too instead. If you are eating raw foods or intoxicating liquor, then do not invite the Phii Noi Kumarn to join you.

Kata Bot Suad Bucha Kumarn Tong

'Aehi Kumaaro-o Aehi kumaarii Bpiyang Ma Ma Bpudt-Dtang Wachaa Yadti Jao Rak Yom Kumarn Tong Jong Maa Aehi Ma Ma - Jao' (call the name of your Kumarn) and continue with 'Kumarn Tong Look Por' (if you are a Man), or Kumarn Tong Look Mae (if you are a Woman).

เอหิ กุมาโร เอหิ กุมารี ปิยัง มะมะ ปุตตัง วะขายะติ เจ้ารักยม กุมารทอง จงมา เอหิ มะ มะ เจ้า(เรียกชื่อกุมารทองด้วยถ้าได้ตั้งชื่อให้)กุมารทองลูกพ่อ(ถ้าเป็นผู้ชาย )หรือกุมารทองลูกแม่(ถ้าเป็นผู้หญิง).

Kata for giving the Name to the Kumarn (chant when giving him his name)

“Naamaanang Samaa So Yudt Dta Tho Yudt Dta Tha” “In the Name of the Kroo Ba Ajarn – I name you  (Name which you wish to give your Kuman Tong”.

Forbidden to give raw meat or alcohol/intoxicants to the Kumarn Taep

Read full Details of How to worship Kumarn Tong

You can increment the power, using any Metta or Maha Sanaeh Kata you please, to empower and ask for blessings and wishes to be fulfilled.

Perform the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times before any other Chanting to Amulets;

List of Kata Chants for increasing Metta and Maha Sanaeh with amulets

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