Phor Ngang Nuea Pong Dam Fang Takrut Tong Daeng Ha Dork (five copper Takrut sacred powder Ngang Deity) - LP Khern (case included)

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Por Ngang - 2.2 Centimeters wide  x 4.8 Centimeters high, this Por Ngang male Ngang Deity for Luck (a gamblers favorite, as well as being a success with those seeking promiscuity), is made from Nuea Pong Dam.

It has Sai Sincana cords binding it and sacred Takrut inserted in the rear face. The sacred powders have many powerful magical ingredients from Luang Por Kherns Wicha.

Price of this amulet includes the waterproof casing seen in the image.

Por Ngang Deity Thai Magic amulet

Por Ngang - Pra Ngan

Kata for Metta amulets of LP Kherns Wicha Mondtra Ran Saor Yerniang (Khmer Wicha)

Na Ongkaya Saran Cham Niaree Sunayaakajaya Jidtana Gaama ja Cham Cham Suhakawaya Eng Ma ma Ja Dtiga Joo See See Ongkajayagaama Ya Sawaaha Dti Cham Dti

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