Phra Maha Sethee Navagote (Nine faced Buddha) for great Wealth and Happiness - Luang Por Somburn

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Luang Por Somburn has mastered the Wicha Pratam Navagote and has used this Wicha to create these Phra Sethee Navagote amulets. Pra Sethee Navagote means literally 'Millionaire with NIne Ghotas of Riches' (โกฏิ = Ghote/Ghota - ten millions) The Navagote Buddha image has great importance and an extremely sacred object of worship. It is believed that Nine faced Buddha has the power to bestow great riches and happiness to he or she who makes Bucha and is a Faithful follower of Buddhism. Pra Sethee Navagote symbolizes harmony and balance, happiness in the homestead and family and great wealth and fortune. He represents nine great wealthy men who are told of having lived in the time of the Lord Buddha. Pra Sethee Navagote is also a very beautiful piece of Buddhist art which is seen as a classic in itself. This is a perfect choice for ladies or for your child to wear, being a miniature Loi Ongk statuette about 2cm high and 1cm wide.

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