Phu Ruesi Ta Fai Kroo Deity mask - Nuea Pong Bai Lan Paint See (hand painted sacred black parchment powder) Nam Rerk 3 Takrut and Tiger Yant - Luang Phu Naen Kampiro - casing included

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Siarn Phu Ruesi Ta Fai Kroo Deity mask made from Bai Lan sacred powders, 3 Takrut and Tiger Yant - Luang Phu Naen Kampiro. This is the fifth of a range of 5 Ruesi amulets. This one is the second to top of the range, made from sacred powders, with gold leaf and hand painted coloring. The amulet is hand painted on the surface, with one Ploi Daeng stone in the third eye. Free waterproof casing included.

Phu Ruesi Ta Fai is the Boroma Kroo (Root Guru) of many different walks of life, but is mostly revered by those who are learning the Vedas, Magical Incantation and Empowerments, Meditation, or Kata chants.

He is a protector and Guide to those who revere and pray to him. He is a breinger of Wealth and Prosperity.

Luang Phu Naen Kampiro, of Wat Ban Kaset Tung Sethee made this amulet from sacred Bai Lan parchments which are burned into a black powder. He empowered the content of the amulet with insertion of a Yantra in sacred metal and invoked the Maha Yant Montra Berk Pra according to the Ancient Wicha

In addition to the Bai Lan, he also mixed in other sacred powders made from earth taken from 7 cemeteries, 7 salt licks, 7 ponds and lakes and 7 ports. In additon the powder had 'Chan Mak' from LP Naen (chewed betel nut) Maha Wan pollens, powdered Ya Jindamanee, Benjarit powder, and has one 'Ploi Daeng' precious stone insert in the third eye on the forehead Takrut Rasi Plaeng Sarn are inserted into the powders.

The amulets were empowered further by Luang Phu Naens incantation of Itipiso forwards and backwards recital, Itipiso Paed Tidt (8 directions mantra) both forwards and backwards, and the Kata Baramee Samsip Tidt (30 directions mantra). Maha Sanaeh (Attraction and Charm), Metta (Likeability, induce friendliness), Kaa Khaay (good Selling power), Hnun Duang (improve Horoscope), Plik Chadtaa, Glab Raay Glaay Bpen Dee (change bad outcome back into good outcome), Khab Lai Phuut Phii Bpisaat (fend off ghosts and demons), and increases Merit in Meditation practice. Removes obstacles in Life.

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