Phu Ya Tan Khian 'Run Sang Sala' 2555 BE

In a very short time, Phu Ya Tan Khien has recieved the legendary title of "Pob Paetch Tae Nai Pa Cha Pob Chang Phueak Nai Pa" (The diamond of the Cemetery, The white elephant of the Forest). His Patipata is now known to be that of the renunciant Monk, unattached to Materialism, for his act of staying in a Cemetery and living as a Homeless Renunciant Monk. Amulets in store are found at the bottom of this Documentation of the Edition. This edition includes;

Bia Gae Jon, Pong Mad Jidt-Mad Jai, Takrut Yok Cheewit, and two different kinds of 'Look Hngae' (Isan name for Look Om Sacred Powder Balls).

Above Left; Somdej Lun, of Jampa Sak (Laos) Kroo Ba Ajarn of Phu Ya Tan Khien. Above Right; The Brahman Lay Master Kroo of Phu Ya Tan Khien, who was a Brahman Priest of the Royal Brahman order.

Empowerment Putta Pisek Blessing Ceremony

Catalog of Amulets in this Edition

Bia Gae Jon

Above; 'Bia Gae Jon Gon Gambpan' and 'Bia Tong Kam' - exclusively these two sorts of shell of the right sizes were selected from the bottom of the mekhong River for this edition of Bia Gae Jon amulets.

Look Hngae (Sacred Powder Balls)

The Look Hngae Sacred Powder Ball was made in two different versions; 'Nuea Nam Nom Kwai Gae Khaw Gon Badtr' (mixed with milk of an aged Buffalo mixed with left-over rice from Monks' Alms Bowls), and, 'Nuea Nam Nom Kwai Gae Khao Kwai Fa Pha(milk from an old buffalo with horn that was struck by lightning). Both versions are coated in bronze color. There are three stamps on the balls, two of which are spells and one is a code marking. In a sense, all 3 stamps can be considered code markings.

Pong Mad Jidt Mad Jai - Enchantment Charm Powders in Glass Phial

Pong Mad Jidt Mad Jai was also released in the Run sang Sala 2555 BE edition of amulets (First edition). The powders are essentially a Charm Powder for Enchantment.

Takrut Yok Cheewit (Takrut Hnang Gradtaay)

4.0 x 1.5 Cm Lucky Rabbits Skin Takrut, made during Solar and Lunar Auspicious Occasions, Bathed in Moonlight, and Empowered with the Wicha Suryan Jantra. Finally then also Blessed in the Puttapisek Blessing before Release.