Pong Nok Sariga Koo Ongk Kroo 16 Takrut - Nuea Wan Pised - Salika Birds with 16 Silver Takrut + 9 Gems - 'Kumarn Tong Gao Gote' Final Edition 2556 BE - Luang Por Goy - Wat Khao Din Dtai

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The Nok Sariga Maha Sanaeh Riak Glab Ban (Pim A Ongk Kroo 16 Takrut). This top of the range version is made from rich golden Maha Sanaeh and Puttakun Powders with as high concentration of Rare Herbal Sacred Powders with Powerful Magical attributes. The Wicha Sariga Koo Maha Sanaeh is a Favorite Magical Wicha of Luang Por Goy, for he has Mastered its empowerment skills with ease and has a great control and Adept skill with the Invocation of Sariga magic.

Luang Por Goy is an Adept master of the Wicha Sariga, who has completely Mastered every single aspect of the Wicha in its various forms.It is a Dtamra Maha Yant which possessess Maha Sanaeh, Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Midtr, Maha Choke and Maha Lap, and Jaroen Rung Rueang Powers.

Sariga Bird amulets by LP Goy - SApecial 16 Takrut version

The front face Features the Sariga Birds in heart Shaped Embrace, with Four 'Ploi Sek' Gemstone inserts, empowering their eyes and hearts with the power of attraction, charm and enchantment. A bag of Silver and a bag of Gold are either side of the birds, implying Prrosperity and Good Business.

Luang Por Goy only makes the Sariga as a Pair, as he says the sariga are Love Birds and can not live without their Mate, so he always uses an image of the male and female sariga entwined inextricably ini Loving Embrace, or Mating Posture.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The rear face is filled with 16 Takrut (8 Takrut Sariga Koo), and 5 Gemstones (Ploi Sek).

Ploi Sek - Enchanted Gemstones

Ploi Sek is the Thai name for Semi precious gems and Crystals that have been empowered, blessed and charged with elemental powers beforehand individually. These Gemstones are then used to insert and imbue the Sacred Powders with the Power Sources which only Crystals (gems are indeed also Crystals) can perform.

The Nok Sariga (or, ‘Salika’) is a Golden Tongued Heavenly Bird which is attributed with immense Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh qualities, and is along with the Hongsa, one of the Best Devas to seek assistance in ‘Jerajaa’ magic. Jerajaa means ‘Discussion’. The Golden Tongued Sariga bird enchants and charms the listeners of he who possesses the Wicha, bringing a hypnotic and charming effect, to influence and convince, making people see things your way.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Kata Bucha Sariga Koo Maha Sanaeh (Twin Sariga Love Birds)

Aehi Saarigaa Wandtaanang Maedtamputtasae Sinaeharadthang Saarigaa Laapo Pawandtumae Aehi Hying Chaay

These amulets were made with and empowered along with the rest of the Kumarn Gao Gote editon, and are Luang Por Goys Most Highy Awaited Edition of All. The Kumarn Gao Gote is a Classic Release that is into its Third and Final Edition Ever.


Released in the 2556 BE 'Kumarn Gao Gote' Edition

  Thai Buddhist Amulets

Kata Bucha Sariga Koo Maha Sanaeh (Twin Sariga Love Birds)

Aehi Saarigaa Wandtaanang Maedtamputtasae Sinaeharadthang Saarigaa Laapo Pawandtumae Aehi Hying Chaay

Kata Sariga Bpon Yuea

Badsabinhlaa Haedtaro Mahaedtaro Himma Anlaenaegan
Chayorgan Dto Bo Guu Yor Maa Cheu Wagan Gadtor Waa Guu Gadtor See Dee Nguu Huu Anlaerohuu

Kata Bucha Sariga Jab Bpaag Loeng

Wanna Wannaa Saligaayo Puttang Siro Waa Ha Ma Ma

วันนะ วันนา สาลิกาโย พุทธังสิโรวาหะมะมะ

Nightly Kata (chant each night)

Om Bplug Bplug Ruk Laew Yaa Norn Yaa Chaa Sarigaa Jao Euy Yaa Cheuy Leuy Raa Kroo Sang Jao Maa Ha Raksaa Kum Krong Bpok Bpong Kaehaa – Phuu Dai Mii Jidt Raay Khor Hai Glab Jai Maedt-Dtaa – Roke Pay Naanaa Khor Yaa Dai Pob Paan Laap Lae Yot Khor Hai Bpraakot Kheun Tang Bpaed Tidt, Midtr Khor Hai Gerd Kheun Tang Bpaed Daan Phuu Dai Haen Hnaa Guu Laew Khor Hai Man Rak – Phuu Dai Tak Guu Laew Khor Hai Man Hlong – Om Mahaa Sarigaa Greung Garanang Dtaawang Dtaawaa Ma ma Aehi Swaaha.

อมปลุก ปลุก รุกแล้วอย่านอน ครูกูสอน อย่าช้าสาลิกาเจ้าเอ๋ย อย่าเฉยเลยรา ครูสั่งเจ้ามาให้รักษาคุ้มครอง ปกป้องเคหา ผู้ใดมีจิตคิดร้ายขอให้กลับใจเมตตา โรคภัยนานาขออย่าได้พบพาล ลาภและยศขอให้ปรากฏขึ้นทั้งแปดทิศ มิตรขอให้เกิดขึ้นทั้งแปดด้าน ผู้ใดเห็นหน้ากูแล้วขอให้มันรัก ผู้ใดทักกูแล้วขอให้มันหลง โอม มหาสาลิกา กรึง กะระณัง ตาวัง ตาวา มะมะ เอหิ สวาหะ

Kata Bucha Takrut Sariga Jab Bpaag Loeng

Aehi Gaasimaadti Gaama Raaka Lopa Bpihagaa

เอหิ กาสิมาติ กามะราคะโลภะ ปิหะกา

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