Pong Ya Maha Sanaeh Magic Powder Potion for Enchantment and Seduction - Ajarn Apichai Decha

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Ajarn Apichai Decha has made this special Magical Powder Potion with the objective of giving people the power of Maha Sanaeh Potions without the need to fear Karmic backlash through the use of Prai Necromantic Sorcery.

This Particular Potion uses no Necromantic ingredients, and focuses exclusively on Herbal and edible Sacred Powder ingredients. Completely non-toxic, and usable as a consumable potion. The potion can be used be either sex, to enchant or seduce sexually the desired person, of any sex. Both Heterosexuals and Gay persons can make use of the potion.

To use the Pong Ya Maha Sanaeh Enchantment Spell Potion, merely keep adding some into the drinks, or the food (or both), to slowly but surely rell in your chosen 'victim', and entice them into falling in love with you. The person will gradually become infatuated with you, and become increasingly, and ever more deeply affected by the power of the potion.

Use the following Kata to Invoke the Spell before adding the potion to the food or drink of your target. You can download the Kata Pluk Pong Wan Maha Sanaeh (Tutorial) after purchase from the files tab if you login to your account after purchasing ths potion. You can also use the below YouTube tutorial to practice Chanting the Invocation.

Om Sappa Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma-Ma - Ma-Maa Mee Maa Maha Laa-Pa-Wan-Dtumae

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