Pong Ya Sanaeh Mad Jidt Ya Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed - Enchantment Powder Potion - Kroo Rasi Akaradech

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Pong Ya Sanaeh Mad Jidt Ya Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed

Powder of enchanting and binding of two hearts for love (Pong Sanaeh Mad Jidt Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed) This powerful powder of enchantment can be used to make a charm or placed in the food or drink to win the heart of your intended lover.

This powder, directly from the samnak of Por Kru Dtamma Reusi Akkaradech (formerly Pra Ajarn Akaradech Akka Dtaecho) ingredients consist of Hongsa heavenly swan powders and the powder of the Mating elephant herd.

enchantment potion

An assortment of 16 herbs from the wicha of southern lineage of Kru Kaekyormae has been added as well as the black bone prai powders.

At the time you wish to use this powder on your intended lover, you should not let them see the bottle but quietly and secretively insert a just a pinch into their food or drink thus enchanting their heart and mind to become transfixed on you. Before using this powder one should mix the ingredients with some part of one’s own body such as, a drop of blood, skin flakes, or even seminal or vaginal fluids but only after those personal ingredients have themselves been dried as so to be undetectable.

Pong Sanaeh Mad Jidt

No kata is necessary for the Pong Sanaeh Mad Jidt, but at the time you intend to use this powder, you should devote your previously gained merits to this action. Do not forget to make merits (if you live in a Buddhist country) of putting food in a monks bowl “dtak baat” or to pour ceremonial water and devote these good deeds to your soon to be new admirer.

About Rasi Akaradech;

First known as Brahman Laymaster, 'Ajarn Akaradech', he was then already a very Famous Necromantic Sorceror of the Laymaster Tradition, who during the last few years, was Ordained as a Buddhist Monk called 'Pra Ajarn Akaradech' and was releasing amulets perhaps a little less often.

He has now disrobed again in 2013, and continues with his Sorcery as Usual, but now returning to the freedom of the Lay Sorceror, and producing even more high Power amulets and Ancient Traditional Empowerment methods we have come to know and expect from this Necromantic Sorceror of Excellence.

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