Por Phu Noi Dtan

Por Phu Noi Dtan is an Aging Master Sorceror and Necromancer of the Northern Lanna region. He is an Adept at the Lanna Wicha Maha Sanaeh Sorcery, which he learned through the Thai Lanna, and the Gariang (Karen Tribe) Magical Lineage Traditions.

He is very well known for the Pong Sanaeh mad Jidt Hoypnotic Love Powder. He is legendary for his ability to empower Sacred Powders, which are said to be immensely powerful after recieving his blessing, even in their raw form.

Pha Yant In Ma Saep Nang

His most famous and popular magical powder is the 'Pong Gam Jai' (Heart Enchanter Powder). This powder does not even really need to be shaped into any image at all, and just rolling it into a ball and carry it with you, is enough to bring the desired effects.