Por Phu Ruesi Hmor Chiwok Gomarapaj (Jivaka Rishi) - healing amulet Sacred Powders - Luang Phu Gliang 96th birthday edition - Wat Nern Sutawas

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Jivaka Rishi is called Por Phu Ruesi Chiwok, or, 'Hmor Chiwok Gomarapaj' in Thailand. he was the personal Physician (doctor) of the Lord Buddha, and a Ruesi Master of Herbal and Spiritual healing methods. he is the Patron Kroo Deity of all Healers and considered oone of the important Ruesi Sages, especially worthy of reverence for Buddhists, and those who need healing, or wish to heal  and alleviate the sufferings of others.

The amulet was released in celebration of the 95th Birthday of Luang Phu Gliang at Wat Nern Sutawas. Made from Nuea Wan Mongkol (Sacred Herbal Powders).

Below; Luang Por Gliang Performing the Ceremony for Celebration of his Doctorate in Dhamma in 2519 BE at Wat Nern Sutawas. Luang Phu Gliangs Trajectory in Dhamma has been exemplary since his early beginnings, and he is considered one of the great Living Master Monks of Chonburi Province.

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