Por Phu Ruesi Suea Dern Dong - Tiger Faced Ruesi - Run Amnaj Saethee - Luang Por An - Wat Tamma Kosok 2552 BE

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Run Maha Amnaj Maha Saethee edition amulet from Luang Por An Apibaalo, Wat Tamma Kosok in Utay Thani

Por Phu Ruesi Dern Dong Run Amnaj Saethee - by Luang Por An, Wat Tamma Kosok, Utay Thani. This edition has the catchphrase; 'Plik Chadtaa Cheewidt Glab Ray Glay Bpen Dee' (turn your Fate around making what was bad become good, and improve the Duang Chadtaa (Luck and Fate). This amulet is part of a set of various editions which were made as a magical aid to improviing your Horoscope, and enhance Business Sales and Success with the assistance of Por Kroo Phu Suea (Tiger Faced Ruesi - Ruesi Hnaa Suea).

Kata Bucha Phu Ruesi Suea Dern Dong

Muniwarawajanang Yonarawaarana Rue Ruer Arahang Yoo Laew Hrueyang Por Phu Suea Khor sadej Jong Maa Yoo Dtua Aehi Bang Gerd Rue Ruer Pakawaa Uttang Atto Ja Pa Ga Sa Kong Kong A

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