Por Tan Kloi 'Run Hmeun Yant' Edition Amulets 2555 BE Wat Pu Khao Tong

Por Tan Kloi's Hmeun Yant (10 Thousand Yantra) edition of Amulets s a wide varied collection of his famous Hun Payont Ghost Soldier effigies in Southern Khao or Sorcery Tradition using the Dta Ba Khaw image of a Por Gae type Sorceror who is more of a Magical Wizard accomplice than a Soldier Type assistant. Assistance is given in a much more magical way. This edition features a completely new design feature in the from of a votive tablet instead of the usual statuettes from Por Tan Kloi. The edition is expected to become a classic and easy to study authenticity due to much documentation in official publications about the different models made and their characteristics.