Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai (Wat Ban Sri Sukh)


Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai, Looksit of Pra Ajarn Wongs, and Creator of the Famous 'Nam Man Hnang Hniaw Gao Sao Gao Angkarn. A Master of Khmer Sorcery, his Kumarn Tong, Look Krok, and Maha Sanaeh Takrut Charms are highly sought after for their Raw Power. His 20 Years of Forest Wandering to seek out the various Wicha and Hermit Mages to learn a vast array of different forms of Sorcery including Lao, Thai Yai, Thai Noi, Khom and Lanna Magical Scripture. Amongst the Many Masters who taught him, apart from Khmer and Lao Lay masters, he also learned from Great Bhikkhus such as Luang Phu Hongs, Luang Por Choke Chay, and Luang Phu Tong Ma. He has mastered all of these different Dtamra and sets of Ancient Magical Characters for Spellcasting, and his 20 Years of Solitary Tudong Wandering has strengthened his Psychic Powers to the point of Adept Mastery.