Pra Bucha Luang Por Ngern Wat Bang Klan (Pim Bpae Yim) 2540 BE - Ngern Hlai Ma (money comes flowing in) Edition - Nuea Tong Lueang Long Rak Pid Tong (gold leaf) - Puttapisek 2541 BE at Wat Bang Klan

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Beautiful Bucha statue made in 2540 BE, and empowered in 2541 at Wat Bang Klan in Pijit (Temple of Luang Por Ngern).

Made from Nuea Tong Lueang (brass smelting) and covered in a Pure Gold leaf coating.

5 Inches wide base, 6.2 Inches high, the Bucha statue is a fitting installation for both larger and small altars. Luang Por Ngern has always been associated with acquiring riches from his amulets and making Bucha to him. This statue is a typical representation of Luang Por Ngerns amulet in Pim Niyom version.

Those who Bucha Luang Por Ngern believe that the blessings of Rung Rueang (prosperity and riches), Klaew Klaad (safety from all dangers) and Metta Mahaniyom (preference, likeability and charm) resulting in a Serm Duang (improve horoscope) Bucha for the shrine, altar or home Bucha, that will benefit all within its radius. A true Thai Buddhist Sculpture, Sacred item of Worship, and first class collectors piece of Fine Thai Buddhist Art.

Luang Por Ngern amulets and statues are considered one of the Amulet Worlds Eternal Classics, comparible to the japanese tattoo in this sense (will never go out of good taste, and will always look good, and have meaning, in whatever Era it is seen - forever popular).

Puttapisek Empowerment Ceremony

The empowerments and chantings were made on the 4th March 2541 BE at Wat bang Klan with a large number of Master Guru Monks present to empower the amulets and Bucha statues. Already becoming an older model and a rarity, this example is in perfect condition.

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