Pra Hoo Yan Bandan Sap Maha Sethee Mee Sukh 2552 BE Nuea Rakang Gao Luang Por Tong Dam Wat Tham Tapian Tong 999 Made

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Pra Hoo Yan Bandan Sap Maha Sethee Mee Sukh Edition amulet from 2552 BE, a Sacred Amulet made with the Magical Alchemical Metallurgy of the Ancient Khmer MNaster Sorcerors. Two top class factors involved with this now very rare 'Yorn Yuk' Nostalgia piece, from Luang Por Tong Dam Intawaso, of Wat Tham Tapian Tong in Lopburi;

1. Luang Por is not only a powerful Master whose friends and connections are also great Master Guru monks who join forces to empower his amulets.

2. His amulets are always made with the finest Muan Sarn ingredients with sacred history to them, as well as using the finest Buddhist Art to be found on the Modern Amulet scene. In addition, the Province of Lopburi has Historically produced some of Thai Buddhist History's most beautiful Periodic Cultural Art forms, which Luang Por Tong Dam Intawaso has taken advantage of, to apply Lopburi Periodic style art to this particular amulet.

Lopburi has produced some of Thailands top types of amulet, including members of the Top Five (Benjapakee) Thai Amulets:- Pra Yord Khun Pon, Pra Nakprok, Pra Ruang - and of course another classic; Pra Hoo Yan.

This Pra Hoo Yan is made from Nuea Rakang Gao (ancient temple bell metal smelted down). The imagery is honed in the Khom (Khmer) style. Its magical qualities are said to be primarily Kong Grapan Chadtri with Metta Mahaniyom as a peripheral effect. Good for bodyguards, warriors, soldiers, ops, air force, and also for those who have to confront many enemies even be it legal and not martial.

Size; 4.8 (High) x 2.9 (Wide) Centimeters

This amulet was a limited issue of 999 amulets. Puttapisek Empowerment was held pn the 16th August of 2552 - the following Masters were present for 'Nang Prok' (sitting to cover the four directions and four elements for Kasina empowerment).

Luang Por Tong Dam Intawaso of Wat Tham Tapian Tong
Luang Por Poon of Wat Ban Paen (Ayuttaya)
Luang Por Maen of Wat Na Tang Nork (Ayuttaya)
Luang Por Uean - Wat Wang Daeng Dtai (Ayuttaya) and Luang Por Sanaeh Jantr (Wat Jantrangsri, Khon Gaen)
Four other monks came from Wat Rakang Kositaram to Chant the Puttapisek.

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