Pra Khun Phaen Hlang Pra Ngang Dta Daeng - Nuea Pong Pasom (4 kinds of Sacred Powders) Fang Ploi Takrut Ngern (Garnets and silver Takrut) - Run Mee Ngern Tong - Luang Phu Key

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Luang Phu Key of Wat Sri Lamyong has begun his Dtamra of Khun Phaen with Pra Ngang Dta Daeng devas on the rear, with this release of visibly powerful luck and attraction amulets. The obvious choice for lovers, gamblers, and business owners, the Khun Phaen/Ngang Dta Daeng offer both Maha Sanaeh as well as Kong Grapan/Klaew Klaad, and even Choke Lap magic, to assist in winning the hearts of others, selling your wares, or your charms, and even trying your luck at the lottery.

This particular example is multi-color, due to the mix of four different mixtures of Muan sarn (each with hundreds of different rare and powerful magical herbs and powders), which were poured into the press molds simultaneously to create a whirl of colors in one amulet. The am,ulet also therefore possesses four different inclinations of Magical force, lending a balanced mix of luck, attraction, protection and power to the wearer.

The mix of beige colored pollens and dried powdered magical herbs, with the dark red sacred Takian tree woods, Black Cemetery Earth and white Puttakun/Prai Kumarn powders used to create the Maha Sanaeh Spell for this particular amulet. The Wan 108 Maha Mongkol will influence this amulet to be slightly more Metta and good Business related, whereas the Takian Tree powder offers protection from Black Magic and Dangers, The Puttakun/Prai Kumarn will increase Business and Prosperity, and the Cemtery earth will bring immense Maha Sanaeh charm and attraction to the wearer. The Pure Takian tree powder version will thus be more apt for those seeking a stronger mix of protection in their Maha Sanaeh Charm amulets. Pure Wan Mongkol for those seeking only auspicious practice and prosperity/happiness, and Cemetery Earth for Merchants and Entrepreneurs, Lovers and Gamblers, Takian Tree powders for watchmen, Policemen and Soldiers etc..

Thise seeking pure wealth will do best seeking the gold faced cemetery earth version, for the most concentrated Maha Sanaeh possible.

Silver Takrut Khun Phaen spells are inserted in the front, and a Ploi stone in the chest. Another sacred Ploi stone is inserted into the chest of the Ngang Dta Daeng Deva, and two red Garnets serve for his eyes.

Kata Pra Khun Phaen

Kata Pra Ngang - Pra Ngang Deity Worship

Kata Luang Phu Tim (Wat Laharn Rai)

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