Pra Khun Phaen Jerm Nam Man Prai Pong Plai Gaew - Pure Prai Powders, Ground Bones and Funeral Ashes, Prai Oil 1 Takrut - Ajarn Somsak Montr Kroo Kama Taep

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The Pra Khun Phaen Pong Plai Gaew is a high powered Hardcore necromantic type amulet for those who vouch for the renowned fast acting qualities and powerful effects for which Necromancy and the Thai Occult has become so highly renowned for all over the World. Special Takrut Montr Sanaeh Kama Taep Deva of Love and Passion spell inserted.

Made from the most highly concentrated undiluted Pong Plai Gaew Prai Powders, and other necromantic ingresients, gathered from 7 Cemeteries, 7 Ports, 7 Salt Licks, with Prai Kumarn bone powder, sprayed with Nam Man Prai Look Krok Oil, and Sacred Bpaeng Ittijae Powder paste smeared on the front face of the Pra Khun Phaen.

Pra Khun Phaen Plai Gaew

Ittijae Powders are special Yantra Powders made from a long extensive series of inscriptions of 108 Yantra, repeatedly.

It is believed, that Ittijae Powders possess the power to work magical miracles through amulets, without any need of Bucha. Ittijae powders are one of the five most important sacred powder ingredients of the famous five powders of Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri, of Wat Rakang Kositaram.

Ajarn Somsak Montr kroo Kama Taep

The rear face reveals a Takrut Montr Sanaeh Kama Taep (Kama Sutra Deva spell) inserted into the Muan Sarn Sacred Powders, which are composed of Necromantic substances, including Bone, Funeral Earths, Ashes, and Oils from the Sumps of the Crematorium.

Ajarn Somsak Montr Sanaeh Kroo Kama Taep is a Lay Sorceror who Masters the Wicha Khun Phaen, including this particular Wicha Plai Gaew, which is bound by the need for the amulet to receive smearing of Nam Man Prai oil, in order for the complete empowerment to be made.

Ajarn Somsak is an experienced Adept in Necromantic Prai Sorcery of Khmer-Thai tradition, and has made these hand pressed items in the most traditional manner, with the full empowerments of the Muan Sarn Sacred Powders, and the finally pressed amulets, using the full invocations of the Phūtā ghosts within the Muan Sarn of the amulets.

The Invocation Summoning, Awakening and Turning of the Four Elements was performed to Reanimate Living Magic within the Static Form, according to the Ancient Grimoires and Magical Formulas of the Wicha. Powerful amulet for Metta Maha Niyom (Mercy Charm), Maha Sanaeh (Seductive Attraction Power), and to 'Serm Yos' (increase status and gain professional promotion, advanced opportunities). Kaa Khaay Dee (sell your wares easily).

Increase Business, and Gain Customers, attract entourage and Merciful treatment. Seduce Lovers with Kama Sutra Magick.

The Pra Khun Phaen Pong Plai Gaew is one of only a very few amulets made in this release, due to the extreme limited amount of materials available to make such highly charged pure concentrated Prai powder amulets.


Sit in meditation posture facing your shrine, hold the amulet between the palms of your hands. Hold the palms of your hands placed together like praying hands, to your forehead, and chant the Kata;

Kata Bucha

Chant Maha Namasakara 3 Times first;

Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputassa

Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputassa

Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputassa

Then The Heart Mantra of Khun Phaen in Magic Square

Su Na Mo Lo

Na Mo Lo Su

Mo Lo Su Na

Lo Su Na Mo

Chant this until it becomes rhythmic and entrances rapture.

Then remain in meditation posture holding the amulet to your forehead, chant the Kata Aaraatanaa Pra Krueang

Kata for Chanting to Amulets (Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang)

Call Upon the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha;

Puttang Aaraatanaanang

Tammang Aaraatanaanang

Sangkang Aaraatanaanang

Focus on the thing you wish to ask the Triple Gem for... and continue with;

Puttang Prasittimae

Tammang Prasittimae

Sangkang Prasittimae

Chant this Kata 3 times whenever you are about to put on the amulets, and also when you take them off. The Kata calls upon the power of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha to be with you and protect and Guide you. And to bless you with the fulfilment of your prayers and wishes.

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