Pra Kring Dtraimas Hlor Boran 2548 BE Nuea Nava Loha Gae Tong Kam Gon Nava 9 Sacred Metals Luang Por Song Wat Sala Din

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Luang Por Song's famous 2548 BE Pra Kring Medicine Buddha Amulet, in Nuea Nava Loha Gae Tong Kam (9 Sacred Metals with High Gold Content), and Nava Loha Seal on the Base. Now a Collectors Piece, which is Usual with most Pra Kring from Top Masters, being heirloom Amulets by nature. The Pra Kring is perhaps the most widely collected amulet adn is known with Buddhist Devotees as an auspicious Blessing of the Purity of the Buddhas, as well as a Union of Sacred Art between the Theravada and Mahayana Sects.

Free Registered Air Parcel Shipping Worldwide is included with this amulet. The Imagery of the Pra Kring Buddha is Essentially Mahayana style and very beloved by Thai Chinese and Chinese Buddhists. It is considered a family heirloom that is passed down to one's Children, and is an Auspicious Blessing, Protector and Luck Bringer with no Black Magic or Karmic side effects, only Meritorious Buddha Blessings.

Size 3.5 Centimeters High x 2 Cm Wide Base

Free Registered Air Parcel Shipping Worldwide is included with this amulet. Apart from the Spiritual Value of the Pra Kring, this particular Kring is from the Great Luang Por Song, making it an amulet from an Immensely Revered and Recognized High Sangha of Great Purity, whose Classic, small numbered editions of Thai Buddhist Amulets are Highly Sought after and never enough in supply for the number of serious Collectors of this type of Esteemed Amulet of Fine Taste and Extremely Sacred Empowerment.

The base is covered with Lava Loha, with numbered code and the Name of Luang Por Song Inscribed. A Kring Bead Relic is inserted into the interior of the Base of the Loi Ongk Statuette. The Khmer Sanskrit letter 'Ma' is stamped into the base for edition authenticity marking. Serial Number can vary from that in the picture, as they are different for each amulet. Due to the nine sacred metals and the high quantity of pure gold mixed in, the surface colors vary throughout the wholse amulet. For this reason, one should understand that each amulet is slightly different, each one distinct and original in its particular markings.

Leaving the Sacred behind for a monment, we must also discuss the Collectorship aspect of this amulet, because Pra Kring are Classic Cult Collector Amulets, which has its own evaluation system that is artistic and speculative instead of Religious. Stamps just have stamp collectors, coins just have coin collectors.

But amulets, be they coin amulets, metal, powder, a particular kind (such as the Pra Kring) or whatever, have a Religious and Mystical value that goes beyond such speculations. however, amulets also have the same kind of collector niches as do stamps, coins or any other cult collector circle. The trading, swopping, collecting and showing of amulets in competitions, is a world in itself. Some people collect amulets for religious reasons, some for speculation or collectorship, and some for both reasons (like Us).

The Pra Kring was released some time ago in 2548 BE in a Dtraimas Empowerment which saw the Pra Kring being empowered nightly in the Hut of Luang Por Song as he passed the 3 month Rainy Retreat in his Kuti. At the end of the Rain retreat, a sacred Puttapisek Blessing Ceremony was performed in the Uposadha Shrine room, with the Dharma Chakra Incantation to Open the Eyes of the Budha in the statues.

We feel that this Pra Kring is a very High Quality Buddhist Amulet of High sacred Value and Collectorship Interest. Blessed by Luang Por Song, a great Monk of Diligent Practice. His amulets are considered very Holy. A true Masterpiece of Pra Kring Traditional Amulet.

The Pra Kring Amulet Comes in Box from the Temple - Can be Encased if desired.

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