Pra Kring Niramit Choke - Nuea Tong Tip (Sacred Divine temple brass) - Niramit Choke edition - Luang Por Jaran - Wat Ampawan 2554 BE

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These Pra Kring Amulets from Luang Por Jaran of Wat Ampawan are some of the most incredibly beautiful pra Kring amulets to be found. The design factors are extremely pleasing to the eye and generate a true feeling of sacredness. Such Eloquent  shape and form of the Buddha and his Lotus Throne, decorated by a Dais with two Deer and a Dhama wheel between them.

The robes of the Buddha are fine and elegant, their folds falling in a graceful poise over the torso of the Buddha. The Prages Mala (topknot flames) are in Sukhothai style, the ears are elongated. In truth, this Image is a classic modern Ratanakosin interpretation of Sukhothai Theravada Buddhist art with a slight fusion of Tibetan mahayana Symbology intermixed (the deer and Dhamma wheel with flowing cloth underneath, and the design of the lotus). The Pra Kring is traditonally more of a Tibetan/Mahayana looking desing, but in this case we have a beautiful fusion of Traditional Pra Kring and Thai Buddhist design, resulting in this Modern Age Masterpiece; Pra Kring Niramit Choke.

Made from Nuea Tong Tip (Divine Brass).

Size; 2 x 4 Centimeters

The Pra Kring Niramit Choke was released with the smaller 'Pra Chayawat' Buddha images in the 'Run Niramit Choke' (Conjuring Luck and Fortune edition).

These amulets were made in five different sacred metals; 'Nuea Tong Kam' (solid gold), 'Nuea Nava Loha Gae Ngern' (nine sacred metals with a high ratio of solid gold), 'Nuea Ngern' (solid silver') 'Nuea Nava Loha Gae Ngern' (nine sacred metals with a high ratio of solid silver), and 'Nuea Tong Tip' (a mixture of sacred brass metals from relics, temple bells, previous editions of amulets, yantra foils etc).

Pra Kring Niramit Choke amulets 2554 Luang Por Jaran – Wat Ampawan

Each individual amulet has a limited code number and stamp of authenticity.

9,999 Pra Kring were made in all.

You can view all amulets in this 'Niramit Choke' series in the below slideshow;

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