Pra Kring Paetch Glab Maha Mongkol 'Run Srang Bote' - Somdej Pra Sangkarach (Blessed by Luang Por Koon) Code #797 - Wat Khao Wongs 2553 BE

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Released at Wat Khao Wongs in 2553 BE, this Classic and Ultra Collectable Pra Kring amulet was Comissioned by Somdej Pra Yan Sangworn (Sangkaracha - head of the Thai Buddhist sangha and the Head Monk of the Royal Palace). Blessed and Empowered by Luang Por Koon of Wat Ban Rai.

The base has the limited code number inscribed along with a Sacred Yantra.

Comes with Original Box. Size; 4 x 2 Cm (+ 1.5 Cm deep)

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