Pra Kring Tan Jai Jet Kampir - Nuea Tong Ma Lor (Sacred Brass, Puttakun Powders + Sacred Relic) - 'Sang Hor Chan Edition' 2555 BE - Kroo Ba Lerd Wat Tung Man Dtai

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Pra Kring Tan Jai Jet Kampir Run Raek (First Edition Pra Kring) by Kroo Ba Lerd of Wat Tung Man Dtai temple in Payao. This Model is the Pim C made from Nuea Tong Ma Lor, a Sacred Brazen Metal using Temple Bell Brass, Bronze Artifacts, Yantra Foils with Inscriptions form Great Masters, and a number of Alchemical Metals. Faithfully Fashioned after the Traditional Northern Lanna Method of design, Creation and Empowerment. When the Ancient Stringent and Complex methods are diligently followed, as has been with these amulets, it is very difficult to successfully create such a Pra Kring. The Wicha for creation of Pra Kring Amulets is in any Circumstances Complex enough to fill a thick book, which it does (a Kampir Grimoire).

Not many Masters have the true and complete Knowledge of the Wicha of Pra Kring Making, and of the Empowerment Methods. One of the factors which makes it so difficult is that all the stages of the Making must be completed in the same day. From the lighting of the casting fires, the pouring of the Sacred Metals, and the Performing of the 7 Grimoires of Incantations to Bless the amulets.

Size; 3.5 Cm High x 2 Cm Wide.

These most beautiful Lanna Style Pra Kring Loi Ongk Sacred Metal amulets were made in two different Metals with three versions in all. The top two versions were made from Nava Loha (9 sacred Metals), the Ongk Kroo Masterpiece having a silver base, and the Pim B having a Nava Loha base covering. The Pim C was made in Tong Ma Lor (sacred Brass) with sacred Powder base and a piece of Holy Substance..

The 7 Blessings of the 7 Wicha of the Seven Grimoires have seven different Auspicious Influences, including the growth of Professional Success, Wealthy Income, Profitable Business, Overcome Obstacles, Evade Dangers, Raised Status, Recieve Mercy and Helpfulness from Others,and the power to Grant Your Wishes.

It is said that the Pra Kring Tan Jai (which means 'Buddha to Fulfill Your Wishes'), has a Ruling Deva Protecting it and its Wearer. The Kring is said to work like one of the Mythical and Legendary 'Gaew Sarapat Nerk' (crystal wishing balls). Wishes are to be granted and Manifest Very Rapidly after they are made.

The Seven Grimoires of Incantations are very ancient and Powerful. Kroo ba Lerd says that the Incantations are Ancient Psalms of the devas, which the Celestial Beings like to Chant. it is therefore Celestial Incantations of the Devas, not Sorcery Spells of the Human magician which are Invoked, and which give this Buddha Pra Kring amulet a celestial power which is not common to find.

The seven Grimoires Wicha Incantation (Jet Kampir) is a very long winded and complex Formula of 108 – 1,009 separate Incantations, with a large number of Sacred geomtrical Yantra Spells as well as written Incantations.

Many Psychics and Sensitive Mediums have already examined the Pra Kring Tan Jai Jet Kampir of Kroo Ba Lerd, and all of them till now have said that there is a Deva Residing over and Ruling them, and that it is full of power to fulfill wishes through the Powers of the Deva who helps to emanate effects through the amulet.

After the single day creation process, the amulets were blessed on two occasions, once on the 6th May 2555 BE and then again on the 26th June 2555 BE in the Hor Drai (Tripitaka Room) of the Temple of Wat Tung Man Dtai.

For Bucha, Use Buddhist Prayers to Increase Power, with any or all of the below Kata

All Kata for Amulets should begin with chanting of the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times first, before beginning any other Incantations.

Maha Namasakara - How to Chant Namo Tassa

Psalm to the triple Gem    Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang 

Pratītyasamutpāda – Chant of Dependent Origination  

Chinabanchara Kata (Chinabanchorn) of Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri (Wat Rakang Kositaram)

Kata Pra Putta Jao Haa Pra Ongk (Na Mo Put Taa Ya)

Kroo Ba Lerd and the Temple of Wat Tung Man Dtai have released this special Ancient Lanna Sorcery style 2555 BE edition. The Edition was made to raise funds to complete the Construction of a 'Hor Chan' (Monks Dining Area) at the Temple.

Above; The 'Hor Chan' (Food Hall), for the Monks to eat. During Construction.

Comes with Original Felt Lined Box from the Temple. Can be Encased if Desired.

Read Documentation and see all Amulets in this Edition;

Kroo Ba Lerd 'Sang Hor Chan' 2555 BE Edition Amulets by Kroo Ba Lerd, Wat Tung Man Dtai

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