Pra Kru Luang Phu Tuad 2 Sided Guru Monk Amulet - Nuea Maha Wan 108 + Takrut - Chedi Stupa Restoration Edition 2552 BE Luang Por Prohm Wat Ban Suan

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Luang Por Tuad Sorng Hnaa (2 sided Guru Monk Amulet) Run Anusorn Pra Boroma Tat Chedi Wat Ban Suan - 2552 BE Chedi Stupa Restoration Memorial Edition amulet with Takrut Scroll Spell in one side made from Maha Wan 108 Powders.

These amulets have been stored in the Chedi Stupa Kru chamber before their release for charging up with power, and in addition, their release marked a memorial edition of the celebration ceremony of the finalisation of the restoration of the ancient Chedi Stupa at Wat Ban Suan Temple.

Blessed in Buddha Abhiseka by Luang Por Prohm and the Khao or Masters, the amulet features the image of Luang Por Tuad on both sides, in different 'Pim' models, which resemble two of the most classic editions of the history of Luang Phu Tuad amulets of Wat Chang Hai, and are hence also memorials of those two classic editions.

The amulet has a Takrut spell inserted into the front face. The Muan Sarn Sacred Powders are visibly rich in sacred Powders and Herbal ingredients, with Black Bailan Parchment powders also visibly mixed into the Muan Sarn.

Luang Por Prohm is the Looksit, and Continuation of the Khao Or Tradition, the Greatest and most Famous Southern School of Sorcery in Thailand. He learned his Wicha from Luang Por Kong directly, who was in fact also the Kroo Ba Ajarn in Wicha Saiyasart (Sorcery) to Ajarn Iad of Wat Don Sala. Luang Por Prohm Received his Lineage Mastery Wicha bestowed from the previous abbot of Wat Ban Suan, Kroo Ba Ajarn, Luang Por Kong.

Luang Por Prohm's Wicha Are indeed many fold, For he has Mastered many different forms of magic spells, invocations, and mastery of elemental magic and forces. Developing his Psychic Powers and Practicing the path of Kammathana forest tradition Buddhism, Developing his meditative skill with the Practice of Vipassana.

Luang Por Prohm Has truly mastered a large array of different forms of sorcery and ways of invoking and inviting Devas, and spirits, to dwell within the various forms of animals and Deities, and other effigies which Luang Por Prohm Has learned to master, and control.

Luang Por Prohm was present and assisted in empowerments of many famous editions made by his predecessor, and of other earlier Khao Or amulets too, including the Pra Pong Kong Chai Chum Chai of Ajarn Chum, which had Ajarn Tong Tao on one side, and Ajarn Kong on the other, and is a very famous Kong Grapan amulet from 2512 BE. He has assisted in empowering some of the most famous and powerful amulets of the Khao Or tradition throughout his trajectory, and is considered to be one of the top 3 leading monks of the currently living Khao Or Master temples.

The Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or Southern Academy of Sorcery, is perhaps the most famous and long standing lineage of Occult practice that is still alive and kicking to this day, and has a large array of truly adept masters under its list of members, past and present. There is no lineage more famous respected or feared for its truly powerful sorcery, as the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or.

Few masters and temples these day are like Luang Por Prohm, and produce not only very rare and exclusive amulets, but also release many kinds of ritual ceremonial instruments, and other kind of Talismans which serves to also preserve the ancient traditions and Wicha through the present Era into the Future.

The amulet comes with original edition box from the temple of Wat Ban Suan in Pattalung.

This also brings what would usually be extremely difficult items to obtain, into the hands of, and for the use of the common people, the active practitioner, and lay devotee.

Kata Bucha Luang Por Tuad

Namo Pōtisadto Ākandtimāya Idti Pakawā

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