Pra Lila 25 Satawat (25 centuries of Buddhism) Nostalgia piece - Luang Por Phern - Wat Bang Pra 2537 - 2538 BE

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This reminiscent replica of the 25 Centuries of Buddhism Pra Lila medallion was made by Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno of Wat Bang Pra and released around 2537 - 2538 BE

Collectors Piece and a special acquisition for Buddhists who rever Luang Por Phern, as well as for all looksit of Wat bang Pra and those with Sak yant Tattoos. The rear face has the image of Luang Por Phern sitting on a Tigers Head, with the 'Kata Hua Jai Suea' (heart mantra of the Tiger) on it in Khom Agkhara lettering/ The front face has the walking Buddha 'Pra Lila' and is in the same medal shape and design as the medals made and empowered in 2500 BE in the third ever biggest Puttapisek empowerment ceremony in Thai Buddhisms History. This amulet is on the front side pure 'Puttasnussadti' (remembrance of the Lord Buddha and his teachings) and the rear face has the Magic of Sak Yant Master Luang Por Phern and sacred geometry, for those who are devotees of the Buddha, but still utilize magical means as a helper in life. Two purposes are served within this amulet. There is both Buddhist and Occult protection in this amulet which is a typical Thai symbiosis of both Buddhist and Animist beliefs.

this amulet is relatively small and is suitable for Ladies, and Men as well as children, due to its slim shape, and despite its length. It is a graceful shape that looks attractive with both Genders.

Comes with waterproof acrylic casing included in price. This is an authentic and good condition Luang Por Phern amulet which is sacred and powerful but whose price is still within affordable limits of Most people, and is thus a recommended choice in our opinion.

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