Pra Luang Phu Tuad Yiab Nam Tale Jerd Pim Yai 2540 BE - first edition Pim Niyom - Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno Wat Bang Pra

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Pra Luang Phu Tuad 1st Edition 2540 BE Nuea Pong Puttakun - Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno - Wat Bang Pra

This now extremely rare and sought after preferred amulet from 2540 BE from the Great Sak Yant Master Monk Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno of Wat Bang Pra, is the first edition of  Luang Phu Tuad amulet ever made by Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno, and is hence a member of the preferred Pra iyom Master Class Category of amulets of Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno.

Trasparent acrylic waterproof casing has already been provided with this amulet, and is included in the price.

Pra Luang Por Thuad 2540 BE Wat Bang Pra Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno

Made from a very fine and highly concentrated Sacred Powder based in Pong Puttakun Yantra Powders, with Herbal Powders  and a dosage of the magical Din Kakyayaks earth, which is an essential part of the formula for empowering Luang Phu Tuad amulets. Blessed with the full ceremony of Buddha Abhiseka and the subsequent blessings of Luang Por Phern, and the Deities of the 108 lersi Hermit Gods during the Master Day Ceremony in 2540 BE at Wat Bang Pra.

Luang Phu Tuad Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno Wat Bang Pra 2540 BE

This very rare and unusual edition (because Wat bang Pra does not usually produce lph Tuad amulets) was sponsored and made possibke with the Metta of Luang Po Toy of Wat Bang Pra, for Luang Por to bless and release during the Wai kroo Master Day Ceremony at Wat Bang Pra Temple.

The edition is so rare that even many of the hardcore devotees of Wat Bang Pra do not know of it, unless, course, they are devotees who are old enough to remember the 2540 Master day ceremony and were present to receive one.

The rear face of the amulet has sacred Yantra and the words 'Run 1' (first edition) 2540 BE

The rear face of the amulet has sacred Yantra and the words 'Run 1' (first edition) 2540 BE

It can said van, that this edition was created and made possible through the hand of Luang Pi Toy, who is the Master of Ceremonies of the Khorb Kroo Lersi Mask Blessing which is always traditionally performed one day before the Wai Kroo, to invoke the portection and blessings of the 108 Lersi upon the devotees, before the official Ceremony of reverence to Luang Por Phern begins. This edition was thus made by Luang Pi Toy, but then Blessed and Distributed through Luang Por Phern.

Luang Phu Tuad amulet by Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno

Luang Por Phern passed away on the 30th of May 2545 BE, leaving his Legacy of amulets, and sak yant tattoos to continue under the current Masters, of which there are now many who were apprenticed under Luang Por Phern, including Luang Pi Toy, Luang Pi Pant, Luang Pi Phaew, and of course the Grand Abbot of Wat Bang Pra; Luang Por Sam Ang. Luang Por Sam Ang now presides over the Wai Kroo for devotees of Sak Yant, but does not make Sak Yant anymore.

He has laid his sak yant stick down since he was called upon to perform sak yant for a very important member of the State Institution (it is not permitted to reveal who). When a Monk tattooes such an Important Personage, he is no longer allowed to tattoo lowly persons thereafter.

Kata Bucha Luang Por Phern

Kata Bucha Luang Phu Tuad (Plus the Bodhisattva Proverb)

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