Pra Luang Por Ngern Pim Niyom Loi Ongk Nuea Albaca Gae Ngern - 2553 BE Wat Bang Klan

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A Classic release of Luang Por Ngern amulets Run "Gong Tun 53" edition, in Nuea Albaca Gae Ngern (Albaca Alloy with high quantity of solid silver content), Dtok Code Ma Agkhara Khom (with Khmer Sanskrit Ma consonant code stamp). The Gong Tun Edition is now a Historic edition, a National Favorite and a Household name.

A limited edition code number is embossed into the base of the amulet. The amulet comes still in the original box from temple. Luang Por Ngern is a deceased Master Monk who remains one of Thailand’s Top ten Most Revered Buddha-Monk Images, for whom the Blessings of Riches and Protection are the most Highly Reputed for their Miraculous Power.

The Gong Tun 53 edition of LP Ngern recieved massive interest and has become an all time classic in the years since the issue of this edition and line of amulets. One reason being that despite the immense success that all editions of LP Ngern Loi Ongk statuettes, this particular edition is the first ever that performed the 'Piti Te Tong' (sacred casting ceremony of puring the molten gold) at Wat Bang Klan temple.

All other major editions Blessed at Wat Bang Klan before this were always given the smelting ceremony of Piti Te Tong and cast and at other temples which are affiliated to Luang Por Ngern and Wat Bang Klan. This edition has been covered in news stories of luck, life saving miracles and the like. Many of the Famous Editions are usually blessed at Wat Bang Klan, Wat Tai Nam, and other temples, all of which are official temples of Luang Por Ngern. But it was a very special occasion indeed to perform the smelting and casting ceremony of the Gong Tun 53 amulets at Wat Bang Klan for the first time on this auspicious occasion.

Pra Luang Por Ngern Pim Na Yim Loi Ongk amulet. "Run Gong Tun 53" edition, made at Wat Bang Klan in Pijit. The Pim Niyom Loi Ongk line of the Gong Tun 53 edition was made in eight different materials;

Tong Kam (Pure Gold) - 89 amulets made. Nuea Ngern Gon Nawa (Silver with Nava Loha base) - 1099 made. Nava Loha Dork Piw - 2055 made with code number and 'Ma A U' in Khom agkhara in the base. Nuea Maekasit - 5000 amulets made with laser inscribed code number in base. Nuea Samrit Nork (Bronze) - 9000 amulets made with Khon Agkhara code letter 'A' inscribed in base. Nuea Albaca - 21000 amulets made with the code 'Ma' inscribed in the base. Nuea Samrit Lueang Piw Fai Te Din Thai (yellow bronze with Thai earth) - 30000 amulets made with the code 'Ma' in Khom inscribed on the base. Nuea Samrit Daeng Piw Fai Te Din Thai (red bronze with Thai earth) - 30000 amulets made with the code 'Ma' in Khom inscribed on the base

For Proper Ceremonial reverence to Luang Por Ngern, one should use the Traditional Buddhist Method of Bucha as a Preliminary; Three Prostrations and Chanting of Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 Times;

Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa

Kata Aaraatanaa Luang Por Ngern (Call His Presence)

Sitti Puttang Gijjang Ma Ma Phuu Kon Hlai Maa Na Chaa Lii Dti - Sitti Tammang Gijjang Ma - Ma Khaw Khong Hlai Maa Na Chaa Lii Dti Sitti Sangkang Gijjang Ma Ma Ngern Tong Hlai Maa Na Chaa Lii Dti

Kata Bucha Luang Por Ngern

Kata Bucha Luang Por Ngern

A Ga A Ti A Ga Ti A Ga A - Wantaami Aajaariyanja Hiranja Naamagan Thitang Sitti Tandtang Mahaa Dtaechang Itti Mandtang Wasaatarang Sitti Puttang Gijjang Ma Ma Phuu Kon Hlai Maa Na Chaa Li Dti Sitti Tammang Jidt-Dtang Ma Ma Khaw Khong Hlai Maa Na Chaa Li Dti Sitti Sangkang Jidt-Dtang Ma Ma Ngern Tong Hlai Maa Na Chaa Li Dti Chimplii Ja Mahaa Laapang Pawandtumae

Kata Kong Grapan Luang Por Ngern

Pra Puttang Pra Jao Kong Hnang Pra Tammang Pra Jao Kong Nuea Pra Sangkang Pra Jao Kong Graduuk Om Paetch Kong Kaa Dtrii Paetch Swaaha

Perform Bucha to Luang Por Ngern on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Offer Lotus or Jasmine flowers (9 flowers), three rolls of Areca Nut with Betel leaf – place on a tray along with 9 Incense sticks, one pair of candles. Place them in front of Luang Por Ngern, and Pray for the Protection and Help of Luang Por Ngern, to Prevent enemies from Harming, Avoid Accidents, and to Increase Good Business and Wealthy Fortunes.

The Magical Effect of Wealth Increase is one of the Famous Aspects of the Many Blessings that come from Revering Luang Por Ngern of Wat Bang Klan, the Miraculous Image that has been the source of many stories of Miraculous Events, that have happened with a great many different editions of Luang Por Ngern amulets from a number of Masters. The special Magic of Luang Por Ngern makes the effects work regardless of the Temple or Master who creates the amulet, for it is believed, that the Image of Luang Por Ngern has Special Magic in itself.

Kata Metta / Kata Soop Buhrii Luang Por Ngern

To ask for Metta – Can use when smoking a cigarette to Enchant the Smoke with the Kata

Makkayaa Taewang

Luang Por Ngern amulets are first and foremost a powerful and Sacred image for devotees to worship and beseech blessings, but indeed, they are also the pride and joy of the avid and serious collectors. Some collectors are speculative investors, and others collect for the love of it. We see both sides of the Genre, where the Sacred, the Magical, and the Artistic Collectible are fused into one single object.

Some collectors try to collect every edition of Luang Por Ngern from every temple, to try to complete the full compendium of the pantheon. In short, this means, some people are worshipers, and for this reason only need one amulet to worship. Others are collector-worshipers, and want all of them, for their collection (and to worship). In this day and age, it is difficult to begin to find all previous editions, and is a serious 'sport in its own right' to be a Hunter and Collector of Pra Luang Por Ngern amulets.

Every edition of Luang Por Ngern Wat Bang Klan amulets becomes a famous edition, and every edition sells out, and the prices rise fast in short periods of time. This is a phenomenon in Thailand that will never cease, because the fact that all Luang Por Ngern amulets are 'Pra Koo Ban Koo Mueang' national amulets which all Thai People in all parts of the country revere, and like to both wear, and keep on altars in their homes. This great demand and popularity is what causes all editions to become rare collectors items, and increase in value at a steady and constant rate as time passes, regardless of which year or edition.

Luang Por Ngern Kru Wat Khao Pra Dtai Hiding Place Amulets

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