Pra Luang Por Pra Sai Wat Po Chai Loi Ongk Nuea Loha Chup Ngern Pon Sai 2544 BE Buddha Bathing Ceremony Edition

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This exquisite miniature Buddha replica of Luang Por Pra Sai, famous and Sacred Buddha Image of the Isan Country which is revered by Millions of Thai People for its Miracle Powers to make he or she who prays to it a rich person in short period of time. Released as ubiquitously during the Buddha bathing ceremony of the statue of Luang Por Pra Sai, at Wat Po Chai, in large Buddha Abhiseka ceremony with great Isan Masters present.

Pure Puttanussadti (remembrance of Lord Buddha and his Teachings), this is a purely Buddhist sacred amulet for auspicious blessings and Metta, which is recommendable for a Lady or a Child to wear. Blessed in 2544 in Puttapisek Empowerment Ceremony.Comes in original box from temple.

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