Pra Luang Por Tuad Suriya Rachan Nuea Lek Lai Jet See Vachara Dhatu Edition 2557 BE Pra Ajarn Somporn

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Pra Luang Por Tuad Lek Lai Jet See Pra Ajarn Somporn, from the famous ceremony and making of Lek Lai amulets which has made Pra Ajarn Somporn so famous in the present day for his open revelations of the Lek Lai. Released in the same edition as his most highly sought after Takrut Serm Palang Gaay Loka Dhatu. This model is in 'Lek Lai Jet See' ('Rainbow Lek Lai'), and is a very attractive and thus extremely rare to find example, which is highly prized for its Magic Powers.

Through the power of this Sacred Lek Lai amulet, this extremely powerful formula of Magickal Elemental Sorcery is molded around a metallic form of the great monk LP Tuad of Wat Chang Hai. Various kinds of amulets were made in different kinds of Lek Lai in this edition, which is now a very rare and extremely sought after edition, that is among the most difficult to find in the present day.

LP Somporn

The amulets were made in the form of LP Tuad, Pra Yord Jhun Phol, and some in the form of Luang Por Somporn, in black, 7 colored, and in golden Lek Lai versions, along with the Takrut Serm Palang Gaay amulets, which were made in 3 different sizes and a few Pra Pikanes amulets and some tridents were made.

Invoked with Incantations to flow like honey and form itself into the form of different amulets through its own force of will, without any human intervention except for Incantation.The Lek Lai also improves mental focus and attention span for academic studies, making it easier to remember what one has learned and strengthens focus.

Funds raised from this special amulet release go to build a Chedi Stupa at the Temple of Pra Ajarn Sompongs, in the form of a Pyramid, which is to be completely covered with Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi Adamantine Substance through Magickal Means.

The Magick of this most very special and rare to encounter edition of pure Lek Lai amulet in the form of LP Tuad, is is of course to improve personal success and advancement, lucky fortunes, invincibility and evasion of dangers, improve Karma, and attract wealth Mental Stress and tiredness is also reduced through the calmative powers and substances within the Muan Sarn of Lek Lai Jet See, which should improve meditation, and help focus in studies. High Purity Sacred Kayasiddhi Adamantine Elemental, for increased Luck, Protection and enhanced Psychic Powers.

You need only to use the Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang to Invoke the Power, by chanting it whilst holding or wearing the amulet. The Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang should be chanted three times.But you can use Kata LP Tuad and Kata Lek Lai as well for added empowerment.

Below is the Kata Tutorial for Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang

Kata Bucha LP Tuad

Kata Bucha Lek Lai

Lek Lai also possesses Kong Grapan Chadtri Invincibility and Gae Aathan Anti Black magic Powers- inscriptions are visible on the rear face. As a Bucha object, it can be prayed to as a Devotee to ask for Various Miracle Powers of Protection, Wealth Increase, Lottery and Gambling wins. Lek Lai is a kind of 'complete element' which can be found in mountain caves in the forests and jungles, and is able to run along the rifts and mountain crevices as it wishes.

Lek Lai is used both by devotees to pray to and beseech blessings, but that for Yogis, Meditators, Magicians and those who practice development of Psychic Powers, the Lek Lai is of Special Importance and Usefulness. It is able to endow the Power of Elemental Control and of giving Special Spiritual Connections with the other side. Both a very strong amulet for protection and wealth increase, as well as a very powerful magical tool for meditation, and magical practice. The Lek Lai has the power to heal illnesses, protect from deadly dangers and even attract great wealth and prosperity.

A favorite tool for Yogis, Ruesi and Meditators, the Lek Lai is a rare and essential substance which is revered as a Kaya Siddhi element with a Deva inhabiting it. Its properties and miraculous powers are legendary both for their invincibility protective magic and the ability to increase luck and prosperity.


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