Pra Narai Song Krut Chut Pised Luang Por Jom Wat Pah Ban Don Koo (White)

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Pra Narai Song Krut Chut Pised - Narai (Vishnu) riding on a Garuda seated on Naga

The Narai and Garuda are sprayed with gold leaf. Made from different sacred powders, varying depending on the color of the amulet, which is available in pink or white. This example is in white.

Made by Luang Por Jom of Wat Pah Ban Don Koo in Amnaj Jaroen.
Released in 2551 BE. Luang POr Jom is famous for his Metta Mahaniyom and 'Kaa Khaay' (business sales and trading) magic. Narai amulets are of course encompassing all kinds of blessings and protections, so are good for all purposes. Pra Narai will endow oyu with both Amnaj (power and commanding powers) as well as Metta Mahaniyom and Choke Laap (luck and popularity), and Kong Grapan Klaew Klaad (evade dangers and invincibility). Luang Por Jom amulets are not only known because of their power, they are also considered to be fine pieces of Buddhist Art, for they are almost always produced in a very high quality of detail and design.

This edition is limited numbered edition with numbered code in the bottom of the amulet, this one being number 779 with the control code 11. The back face has Pra Nakprok on it (Saturday Buddha with seven headed Naga canopy).

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