Pra Narai Song Krut (Chut Pised) - Vishnu, Garuda and Nagas - Nuea Pong Dam Bad Tong - in Waterproof Casing - Luang Pu Nong Tammachodto - Wat Wang Sri Tong

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Vishnu (Pra Narai), Garuda (Paya Krut) and two Nagas (Paya naak) are emblazoned on the front, empowered with the mind of the Deity by Luang Phu Nong, Master of 'Kasin Fai' magic.

Rama Deity and silver tagrud in rear face of Vishnu Garuda amulet

The rear face features the Deity 'Pra Ram' (Rama), who is an emanation of the Vishnu Avatar. Two silver Tagrud are inserted. Pra Ram is shooting an arrow from his Magical Bow.

Narayan Deity riding Garuda with Nagas

Magical Qualities; Maha Amnaj (Commanding Power), Gan Aathan (prevent Black Magic), Gan Phuut Phii Bpisaat (keep evil ghosts, demons and phantoms away), Metta Mahaniyom (preferential and compassionate treatment from others), Klaew Klaad (Evasion of Dangers), Kong Grapan (Invincibility), Choke Lap (Good Luck and Fortune, Riches).

Pra Narai Song Krut is good for people in Administrative of Commanding positions, or those who are in office, or in the military, Navy, Airforce (especially), Police, or even those in Special Ops. Pra Narai is the punisher of Evil and Protector of the Human Race and the World.

3.2 x 4.5 cm size - Comes with transparent waterproof case included.

Empowered during three months nightly empowerment from Luang Phu Nong and then given a final Puttapisek Ceremony for the 'Run Dtraimas' line of amulets from LP Nong Tammachodto.

Suitable for Men or Women, size and light in weight. In addition the detail on this amulet is delicate enough for a woman to wear. A man can also quite easily wear this amulet, for it is neither too large nor too small for either Gender.

Kata Pra Narai Song Krut (for making Bucha offerings)

Om Pra Naaraayana Raacha Haradti Tisathidtaaya Ubpaatawadtaaya Jadt-Dtu Krudhaa Pahananaaya Haradti Tisatidtaaya Aakajchandtu Punchadtu Khibp-bpaya Dtu Wibp-bpaya Dtu Sawaaha Sawaahaaya Sappa Ubpaatawa Winaasaaya Sappa Ubpaatawa Winaasaaya Sappa Andtaraaya Sukh-khawattago Ho-odtu Aayu Wanna Sukha Palang Amhaagang Ragkhandtu Sawaaha Sawaahaa Sawaahaaya

Chant the Kata then blow it into the offerings or into the amulet if raising over your head to wear for the day. In that case, raise the amulet between the palms of your hands in praying posture at your forehead and chant 3 times if making Bucha offerings and blow into the offerings. After the first time you perform the 'Piti Buan Suang' (offerings To Narai - place the amulet on the altar in the house), you must only chant once per day when putting the amulet on - chant the Kata, then blow your breath into the amulet. Do this once a day for howver many years you have been living, plus one day extra. this will increase your lifespan and healthy lifetime, and in addition will make the power of Pra Narai make even more powerful blessings come to you.

Visnu Kayatri
Om Naaraayan Witamhae Waasutaewaaya Timhi Dtanno Sutas Bparijotyaadta

Narai Kayatri

Om Narai Witamhae Saesasaayinae Timhi Dtanno Sutas Bparijotyaadta

Kata Khor Porn (Ask for Blessings)
Om Haradti Tisa Naaraayana Taewadtaa Sa Ha Ka Na Bpari Waaraaya Aakajchandtu
Bparigunchadtu Sawaaha Sawaahaaya

Om Sappa Ubpatawa Sappa Tud-t Sappasoga Sappa Roka Sappa Paya Sappa Ubpattawa Sappa Sadtruu Winaasaaya Bpamujjandti
Om Naaraayana Taewadtaa Sataa Ragkadtu Sawaaha


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