Pra Ngang Jao Sanaeh Ongk Kroo Nuea Loha Aathan Ta Tong Sacred Powders in Base 1 Takrut 3 Gems Only 499 Made Taep Noi Roi Lan Centenary Edition - Kroo Ba Or

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Pra Ngang Hlang Yant Jao Sanaeh Boran Ongk Kroo - Nuea Loha Aathan Tong Pon Sai Ud Muan Sarn (sacred powder filled) one Takrut Maha Lap (scroll spell), three Ploi Sek (enchanted gemstones) Kroo Ba Or Bandita.

Released in the Taep Noi Roi Lan 100th Birthday Edition, in Sacred Alchemical Iron Artifact Alloy with Gold Powder coating. This series became instantly popular after release, and is the last ever edition made by the now Deceased Great Thai Lanna Master, Kroo Ba Or Bandita, of the Samnak Songk Pratat Doi Jom Wae, in Chiang Daw, Chiang Mai Province. Kroo Ba Or passed away as one of the last of his Generation of Elder Master Monks in 2559 BE, at the age of 101 years old.

The Pra Ngang is an extremely powerful Deity for Gambling, Kama Sutra Sex Magick, Good Business through the Power of Convincing Customers with Hypnotic Charm, Improved Social and Love Life. The Ngang Convinces the Local Spirits to Create the Causes for successful business,, and induces Charm and Attraction power in all walks of Life.

The Pra Ngang is a very popular and effective tool for Seducing Lovers, and Pacifying Enemies, Debtors. Recommendable for Gamblers, salespersons, and those in mercantile or commerce proffesions. Lottery Players and Speculative Risk Merchants also use this amulet to attract profitable streaks of luck. The Pra Ngang is the name given for a varied pantheon of similar looking Deity images which have slight differences in their shape and appearance, as well as their ceremonial dress or peripherals (such as hats or crowns and head dresses).

The Pra Ngang has many versions and also has had many names which seem to have now been all amalgamated under the on name of Pra Ngang. This image has also been called other names such as; Pra Ngaam, Ee Bper, Mae Ngaam, Ai Ngang, Pra Rerk and Pra Chai Mae Ngang (female version) and Ngang Ta Daeng (red eyed Ngang) amongst other names. Some have red eyes and others not.

Only 499 Ongk Kroo Amulets in this 100th Birthday final edition ever made by Kroo Ba Or Bandita, who passed away in his 101st year of Life.

A further 699 were made in Loha Aathan with only partial gold coating, and one Takrut + one Ploi Sek Gem insert into the Prai Powders in the base

Pra Ngang Pim B Nuea Loha KB Or

This Necromantic Pra Ngang Amulet is empowered by Kroo Ba Or to bring the Power of Jaroen Rung Rueang for Great Prosperity and Well-Being, and Happiness. All of the Kumarn Taep Noi edition amulets are instructed to bring great treasures and desired possessions to you, and to bring success in your profession and fulfill your wishes. The Pra Ngang will protect you and your family and household from Black Magick, Theft, and Monetary Losses.

Kroo Ba Or Bandita is over 100 years Old (counting the Thai Yai Calendar). His amulets have become some of the most highly preferred of all in the present day, with devotees from all around the world who worship them. Kroo Ba Or is a Highly Adept Sorceror Monk of the Thai Yai Mountain Hilltribe People, who avoids the limelight, and stays on the high mountainsides to the greater part of his time, in serenity and solitude.

Kroo Ba Or developed his Magical Wicha from 9 different Kroo Ba Ajarn in is lifetime, who came from the Thai Yai people of Burmese side of the border. This edition is received with extreme expectation and demand, for Kroo Ba Or has not made many Mae Bper over the years.

He once made some from Muan Sarn Sacred Powders, which were completely depleted by the devotees almost instantly after their release, and which brought a great many people extremely successful results in their professions. So once again after being called upon to produce some more of his extremely effective Mae Bper and also some Kumarn Tong, Hun Payont, Kroo Ba Or has released this edition. This edition has been given the name of 'Taep Noi Roi Lan'.

Kroo Ba Or performed empowerments of the amulets in the Taep Noi Roi Lan edition, by inviting all of the Celestial Devas in the heavenly Abodes to come and dwell in their minds within the amulets, and to imbue them with psychic powers elemental and magical forces, and divine eyes to foresee lucky windfalls and dangers.

Then, once the Deva Beings had instilled their minds within the amulets, Kroo Ba Or peformed incantations and spellcastings to instruct them to protect and bring Lucky Fortunes of Maha Lap and Maha Pokasap, and to bestow Klaew Klaad Protection and Gae Aathan Anti Black Magick powers, so they can guard over the household and its members.

He instructed them to call customers and admirers to approach and enter your places of business and buy wares, or hire your services. He cast spells to empower the amulets, to evoke Metta Maha Niyom upon your employers and superiors, to give promotion, wage rises and show mercy upon you and to transform enemies into friends. All of the Prai Spirit amulets in the Taep Noi Roi Lan edition have these properties, with each specific amulet then possessing further specific Wicha according to their particular nature.

In the case of the Pra Ngang, the Wicha Maha Sanaeh and Kama Sutra is increased immensely for seductive influence, and more focused on Gambling than Business. The Kumarn Tong for example would be more for Metta and Pokasap Business Improvement, and Maha Lap Lottery. Hun Payont would be for Metta Mahaniyom Mercy Charm but with Extreme Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Powers, with Powerful Anti BlacK Magick.

The Invocation Summoning, Awakening and Turning of the Four Elements was performed to Reanimate Living Magic within the Static Form, according to the Ancient Grimoires and Magical Formulas of the Wicha. The full formula of Invocations for the Kata Akarn Sam Sip Sorng were performed for reanimation of the spirit within the Mae Bper Prai Deva effigy. This is an essential part of Necromantic Empowerment with all Humanoid and Animal form amulets which are imbued with a resident spirit.

The Taep Noi Roi Lan (100 Millions Little Deva) 100th Birthday Edition included Kumarn Tong, Hun Payont, Mae Bper Prai Deva, and the Pra Ngang amulets and Bucha statues. A truly Necromantic Edition of Animist Occult Charms, from one of the great Deceased Masters of the Lanna Northern Sorcery Lineage Tradition.

Kata Pra Ngang Jao Sanaeh

Ma Na Mang Mahā Ngang Dtandti Jidt-Dtang Phūdti Māni Māma Māma Swāha Por Ngang Euy Jao Jong Mā Sū Hā Ao Sī Mā Hai Gū

The Edition was spearheaded by the Kumarn Tong Taep Noi 3 Inch wide 5 Inch High Bucha statues, which were released in Ongk Kroo painted colours on Samrit Bronze, with Pong Ya Faed Prai Powders, Kumarn Tong Loi Ongk Statuette, Nam Man Prai, Sariga Bird and Takrut Spell inserted into the base, Only 100 statues were released in Ongk Kroo with painted colours.

Kumarn Tong Taep Noi Roi Lan Ongk Kroo Bucha Statue

There were also some some Ongk Kroo Pim B in Burnished Bronze (Loha Samrit Lueang), with 3 Takrut (Sam Kasat), Pong Ya Faed, and Look Om Muan Sarn Sacred Powder ball. Only 699 statues were made in Loha Samrit Lueang, with 3 Takrut, Pong Ya Faed Powder Flask, and Look Om Pong Prai Kumarn Powder Ball.

Two different models of Hun Payont Golem Soldiers were released, in large and small sizes. The smaller versions were encased within a cylindrical Takrut tube for portability. Only 699 Hun Payont in small size were made, with colours varying.

The larger Hun Payont versions were encased in waterproof casing for ease of wear, and measured 5 Centimetres high. Only 499 Hun Payont were made in large size, with varying colours.

The Pra Ngang is a very psychically powerful Being that can communicate with you in mysterious ways. it can intuit your wishes and needs, so it can fulfill them. It is not necessary to perform 'Sen Wai' Offerings, as is normally ubiquitous with Prai Devas, making this a very easy Deva to take care of.

You only need to chant the following Kata to call and empower the Pra Ngang Jao Sanaeh Run Taep Noi Roi Lan to beseech its blessings;

Kata Pluk Pra Ngang

Om Laluay Mahaa Laluay Laluay Hnaa Laluay hlang Laluay Tang In Prohm Yommaraat Aaagas Taepayudaa Laluay Tang Pra Mae Kongkaa Ma Chuay Kam Koo Soo Ongk Sappa Sitti Sawaaha Om Laluay Mahaa Laluay Laluay Tang Jidt Laluay Tang Jai Gu Ja Sek Sai Nuad Hai Saw Len Ma Haa Gu Nuea Gu Ja Sek Sai Nam Man Ngaa Hai Saw Praya Len Ma Su Gu Nuea Saw Yoo Midai Rong Hai Maa Haa Gu Om Sawaa Home Dtid Om Laluay Mahaa Laluay Gu Jag Laluay Ao Khao Prasumen Gor Uay Hnaa Top Gor Uay Hnaa Tao Gu Ja Aa Bpaag Gor Uay Khan Nang Gor Yom Peung Jai Om Sawaa Home Dtid

(hold the amulet between palms and in praying position between the eyebrows, chant three times and blow onto the amulet, making your wish).

Kata Pra Ngang Ta Daeng (red eyes)

Om Taewadaa um Som Chom Dtua Kar Dood Soop – Glin Gaay Kar Hlong Rak Kar Piang Kon Diaw.

The ancient Masters created this Animist magical assistant for sexual attraction, seduction, increasing luck and wealth with gambling, and protecting against black magic and evil entities, ghosts and demons.

It is necessary to have truly mastered the Wicha of Pra Ngang in order to make one of these effigies really work, which is why only few Masters produce this kind of magic charm. For those who wish to use the amulet as a love charm to find the love (or solution) to their life, the Pra Ngang Jao Sanaeh is a very powerful and fast-acting tool for increasing the chances of Love and Sexual Attraction occurring in your chosen target.

How to Worship the Pra Ngang Deity

Once you have recieved your Ngang statue or amulet, you must find a place for him to reside in within your home. But do not raise him up on the ‘Hing Pra’ (a high small altar on the wall used in Thailand for Buddha images) or the Bucha table (altar). You can make a small altar on a lower position and slightly away from the Buddha. He can also be given the drawer for ladies underwear in the bedroom to live in, because he likes it. One common practice is to take the underwear of a Lady which has been worn and not washed, and use it to wrap him in them as a blanket or covering. You must give him fresh water every day in a glass, and when you change the water, do not fill the half full cup mixing it with the old water. You must take the used water and thorw it in front of the house, and then wash the glass or goblet and only then refill it with fresh water. It must be pure water (meaning that no one must have touched it before, or drank from that container). It is perhaps advisable to have fresh mineral water in his own personal bottle which you can use for him and nobody else. Offer him in the evenings befor sleeping, but you must also bathe and clean your body first



Offer the Ngang fruits or sweets and cakes is a fine offering for the Ngang. On Buddhist Holy days, you must arrange 5 sticks of incense, One pair of white candles, flowers and ‘Krueang Sen’ (traditional offerings) and offer them to the Ngang.Any kind of flower is fine except for Lotus flower, which is forbidden to offer to the Pra Ngang. if you are poor and cant afford to give foods, then simply offer the glass of water. You must not leave him without water. Water cannot be overlooked. For a more complete offering, 5 sets of betel and areca nut for chewing and two cigarettes is traditional. If you are in Malaysia or Singapore, you can get Betel nut and areca from the Indian or Tamil Hindu stores to offer the Ngang.

Taking the Ngang amulet with you

It is forbidden to wear the Ngang around your neck like a Buddha amulet. It can be carried in your trouser pocket. When you are going to look for Ladies, or to get someone to help you, you must carry the Ngang in your front trouser pocket. If it is in the back pocket, you will fail to seduce the Lady, because they are facing the opposite ways. If you are trying to escape somebody, or are in danger, then you must carry the Ngang in your pocket. The Ngang will keep you safe from harms way. When you are going to have sex with a woman, you must let the Ngang go first. You do this by rubbing against the ladies private parts with the Ngang in your trousers until she is excited, and some of her fluids or aromas can rub against the Ngang’s body. Once you have done this, then you can have your way with her. This is his reward for allowing you to seduce her to the point where she will let you approach.

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