Pra Ngang Saen Sanaeh Nuea Wan Pasom Pong Prai Fang Met Ta Dam Ta Daeng Ajarn Dom Hlan Wongs

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Pra Ngang Ta Dam Ta Daeng Saen Sanaeh Ongk Kroo '100,000 Seductive Enchantments' Black-Red -Eyed Animist Charm, from Lay Necromancer, Ajarn Dom Hlan Wongs, limited edition hand pressed Ongk Kroo amulets, for Nocturnal and Promiscuous Lifestyle, and Gamblers. Only 299 Pra Ngang were made in this extreme limited edition.

A Most highly concentrated Muan Sarn sacred Admixture of the purest most powerful Hoeng Prai Necromantic powders and Wan Magical herbal Ingredients mixed with powerful Nam Man Prai Oils was used to create the Pra Ngang of Ajarn Dong Hlan Wongs.

Free registered airmail shipping worldwide is included with this amulet. The amulet is Ongk Kroo version, using concentrated Muan Sarn powders and measures 6.5 x 2 Cm.

Ajarn Dom, is a direct Looksit in Wicha Saiyasart Occult Magic to 3 Master Monks; 1. the great Luang Por Chern (Wat Ta Ee), 2. Luang Phu Phad (Wat Rai) and 3. Luang Phu Waen Gaay (Wat Pratat Doi Jom Wae).

Below; Ajarn Dom Hnan Wongs blessing Pra Ngang and other amulets

Ajarn Dom Hnan Wongs blessing Pra Ngang and other amulets

This extreme limited series of Pra Ngang amulets are visibly rich in Muan Sarn content, with a mass of magical herbs and Prai Oils and Necromantic Prai powders mixed into the sacred clay, which is wrapped with corpse cords (Daay Dtra Sangkh).

The base of the Pra Nnang has twin Takrut Maha Sanaeh-Maha Lap, for seductive attraction and lucky fortunes. The Invocation Summoning, Awakening and Turning of the Four Elements was performed to Reanimate Living Magic within the Static Form, according to the Ancient Grimoires and Magical Formulas of the Wicha. The full formula of Invocations for the Kata Akarn Sam Sip Sorng were performed for reanimation of the spirit within the Mae Bper Prai Deva effigy. This is an essential part of Necromantic Empowerment with all Humanoid and Animal form amulets which are imbued with a resident spirit.

The Pra Ngang is an extremely powerful Deity for Gambling, Kama Sutra Sex Magick, Good Business through the Power of Convincing Customers with Hypnotic Charm, Improved Social and Love Life. The Ngang Convinces the Local Spirits to Create the Causes for successful business,, and induces Charm and Attraction power in all walks of Life.

The Pra Ngang is a very popular and effective tool for Seducing Lovers, and Pacifying Enemies, Debtors. Recommendable for Gamblers, salespersons, and those in mercantile or commerce proffesions. Lottery Players and Speculative Risk Merchants also use this amulet to attract profitable streaks of luck.

Kata Pra Ngang Ta Daeng (red eyes)

Om Taewadaa um Som Chom Dtua Kar Dood Soop – Glin Gaay Kar Hlong Rak Kar Piang Kon Diaw.

The ancient Masters created this Animist magical assistant for sexual attraction, seduction, increasing luck and wealth with gambling, and protecting against black magic and evil entities, ghosts and demons.

The Pra Ngang is the name given for a varied pantheon of similar looking Deity images which have slight differences in their shape and appearance, as well as their ceremonial dress or peripherals (such as hats or crowns and head dresses). The Pra Ngang has many versions and also has had many names which seem to have now been all amalgamated under the on name of Pra Ngang.

Pra Ngang have also been called other names such as; Pra Ngaam, Ee Bper, Mae Ngaam, Ai Ngang, Pra Rerk and Pra Chai Mae Ngang (female version) and Ngang Ta Daeng (red eyed Ngang) amongst other names. Some have red eyes and others not. In the case of the Pra Ngang, the Wicha Maha Sanaeh and Kama Sutra is increased immensely for seductive influence, and more focused on Gambling, than Direct Business.

Kata Hua Jai Nak Leng Siang Choke for Gamblers

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